KL day 1~


woke up at 7'30am this morning

then we went 2 my breeders place 2 put my dogs..
then went 2 MCD eat breakfast...
then we went 2 kl!!!
in car
we did is only listen 2 songs , on9, sleep!!! haha
after 4 hours of suffer!!
we reached KL!!!
we went 2 mid-valley 1st..
i went on shopping!!!!
i spent more then my usual!!!
i'm doom i know!!
so yea 2ml no more shopping for me, is for mom n bro..
we shopped from 4 something in the afternoon till 9 something at night!
n then we went 2 my aunty's place
LOVE her house
cuz it is HUGE!!!
my cousin slp like a pig when i reached
so i started on9-ing
pics will come on l8r~

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