well 2day i skip church 2 go to drama competition

2 support my dear , zai , ah pang n everyone..
well is kinda boring at first cuz....
nobody pei me
chia lynn is falling asleep
*but of course is after our skul perform [means they were totally awesome!!]
n i'm just sitting there doing nothing
well of course watching
den when we all r awake again is chung hwa's performance
man!! their creative is damn great!! =D
n they won 3rd
chung ling won 2nd
ping hwa won 1st!!
well i dont get ping hwa's story
but they got creativity so is what the judges want...
now i dont even know my skul won what..
text evrybody [ok ok only 2]
but no reply at all!!
it hurts u know =(
well gonna read 2ml newspaper then =)

ps : i didnt took any pic 2day sorry =(

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