chip's day!!


today we went 2 skul for mesyuarat agung!! AGM

i was chosen 2 become some juruaudit in drama
happy?? or confuse??
both actually
happy cuz i've got a post at last!!
confuse cuz i dono wad does a juruaudit does... =s
after all these meeting i went 2 the canteen 2 eat some fries
****chips/fries =)

l8r dat afternoon
my dad my bro n me went 2 watch green lantern!! =D
quite nice~
went 2 nandos n ate peri-peri chips...

den at night we had a gathering at church
title is where is love?? {translate from bc}
after that we went 2 drive-through MCD
ate sundae n some fries
fat right ???
haiz =(
so i guess 2day = chips day !! =))))

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