2day i went 2 gp from 11 till 4 haha

leg suan
but still fun
so i went 2 gp v deb
we went 2 padini den nichii den kitchen den..........
(a lot places)
den i went 2 buy my book awakened haha!!!
at last!!!

den i saw pei fun, wing keh, peh khim haha
den they went 2 eat i also went 2 eat v deb at nandos
but different time
me n deb went 2 g-hotel LOL
took picz
den went 2 secret recipi find sab n chia lynn
den went 2 starbucks find deb n jie xhia
l8r went 2 hush puppies there 2 wait for jx fren
lol she is cute!!
she buy shoes for her bf i guess
den we went 2 padini 2 give de shoes
den i went up 2 mph there find minyi
haha so we all went up 2 cinema there n talk take a bit pics
n talk lol
haha !!!
it is a blast for me
cuz so long i dint go out v them
oh yea at bead zone i cal yt 2 find me n deb
so we talked a bit cuz her girl is there
den she went away n disappered forever
saw pric 2
she is pretty hahax

end of the story =)

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