2011 !!!


31/12/10 - 2/1/11

i went to church for an sleep over thing
tradisional u know.....
so i was so dizzy and headache at night of 31st
i could not really celebrate v the others
like watching fire works or play bluff or uno..
well i did watch..
den after that i went to my bro room to play a while
cuz my frenz wan to talk some things secret..
at night slp at 4 something

we watch movie haha!!
6 wake up for pray assembly
den after dat ling xiu
den we go slp haha slp on the boys bed..
cuz i selpt there on the 31st
i selpt for only 2 hours n half at night
so in the afternoon i went to bed for 45 min only!!!
den went for lunch
after that i went to watch the day n the knight
den i play v fedel , he play my dog a while..
den it was dinner went to the opp. tto eat
only ca shao biscuit haha n bali peng..
dat is all for dinner
n den is the normal sat youth ju hui
after that we went baskin robin
i burnt myself v dry ice dono why ??
so that is all
happy new year!!!
cnt wait for cny!!
dont want to go school!!!

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