today in school we just study for only 4 period

add maths teacher gave homework of course
well we r goin 2 celebrate CNY
one week holiday
but v quite many homework
so better do finish our homework so we can go play
we recess at 10 early 35 min
so we can celebrate our ying chun hui
it was fun it start from 10'30 - 1pm
we had some boring times when they doing their speech
had fun when the other classes perform
haha den we get 2 high a lot more when the teacgers n students sings
of course the teachers r not really good singers so they sing till quite no energy
so it became
the students sing!!
haha den we like playing u noe
shack a bit, sing more, laugh a lot haha
so me n minyi finally found yt's friend
i mean at last we found her
she change 2 our skul this year
she also forget abt us dy
so is ok la
dat is all abt 2day what happen in skul...

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