Room Decoration! (Pinterest Inspired)

12:33 PM

Hi Hi Gals!! 

I have to make this post short and sweet! 
Cause I'm having my finals this coming week, and just for you guys I took out a few hours just to edit out the pictures I took and write out a post. 

So to make this short and sweet. ♥♥
I've been wanting to decorate my room to a little bit prettier like Tumblr or Pinterest style! 
(I mean, who doesn't want it right)
I can't change much on my bed area, so I made a space at the corner of my room for decoration! 
I love it so so much! ♥♥♥
And also I'm on a budget! 
So, I'll be sharing on where I get these items too. (In a much cheaper price!) 

This is how it looks like in the whole big picture. 
My picture frame, bought it from IKEA when I went to visit KL last 2 months ago.
And just printed a picture of my brother and I from our trip in Pulau Redang.  
Those 4 mini Mason Jars were also bought from IKEA.
For 4 of them I think is around RM6.99 or RM9.99.
Filled them up with sweets, seashells, dried flowers and little messages.

These fake roses.
I bought them from TaoBao, so it's really cheap.
Bought 15 flowers, 5 in champagne colour, 5 in white and 5 in pink!
I only have to pay around RM15+- for them.
So for one flower it's around RM1!
Which is really cheap!
These flowers here are the champagne and white roses. 
I cut off the stems of the flowers and arranged them to the way I like. 
And the vase is from Daiso, so it's RM5.30. 
I love the simple look on it! 
I don't really remember where I bought this candle from.
I haven't even start burning them yet!
But I do remember is really cheap, at a price range of RM5 to RM7. (Or maybe even lower)
Bought this potpourri from Daiso too which are basically scented dried flowers and leaves.
Chose the lavender scent. (Cause I like it!)
The scent is actually quite strong, so I kept them in the mini Mason Jar and another bigger Mason Jar that I also bought them from IKEA.
And lastly this little glass thing, is actually a candle holder.
I have to find my small mini candles to put inside.
Also bought this from Daiso.
And so you guys can see that all the stuff that I bought are cheaper but also good in quality!
I might also try to add some Christmas Deco around.
Cause Christmas is coming up! ♥♥
But finals first!
Off to study! =)

Love Me!! XOXO ♥♥♥♥

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