Easy White Christmas Nail Tutorial


Hi Hi Gals!!

I'm going to share with you all how I did my Christmas nails this year!
I did some tutorials last year and the 2 years before.
Candy Cane Nails here
Snowflakes Nails here

So, this year I'm going to do a simple yet really pretty nail art just for this Christmas!
It's inspired by the snow globe. ♥♥
And there's a white Christmas tree there!! =)

So how to do this?
Things you'll need:
White nail polish
Top Coat
1. Use a white nail polish and draw a line on the tip of the nail.
Doesn't have to be very pretty, cause it represent the landscape of the snow. =)
2. Add white dots which represent the snow falling all around the nails except for the ring finger.
3. Draw a simple white Christmas Tree with a Toothpick on the ring finger nail.
4. Add white dots on the ring finger nail.
5. Put on a layer of top coat.
And you are DONE!!!

Simple, easy and still pretty! =)
If you guys did it!
Do share the results with me.
I would love to see your creation! =)

Have a wonderful Christmas ahead! =)
And a Happy New Year!

Love Me!! XOXO ♥♥♥♥

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  1. Wonderful nice Xmas-themed nail art... So beautiful!

    -gig love - http://cre8tonebabe.blogspot.my

  2. I wish I could do nail arts by myself. Unfortunately my left hand can't even hold a mani. This is a cute design btw.

  3. I will try them very soon. The color is very ladylike and i can wear it everyday! Much loves


  4. Your nails look classy and pretty. Love the delicious Gingerbread man you are holding :)

  5. what a cute and lovely nails you had.
    love the color and thank you for sharing with us

  6. Oh wow I am in love with your nails. Belated merry Christmas dear. ☺

  7. aww so cute. after seeing your post i just remember i need to redo my mani ha ha

  8. Aww that is so cute! Seeing your post I just realized I need to redo my mani ha ha

  9. Aww.. That's such a cute NOTD for Christmas. Love the delicate details

    GIG Love – Chai – Style.. A Pastiche! - styleapastiche.com

  10. This nail art is so cute. The least I do for my nails is paint them. I always end up doing something messy!!

  11. Wow this is so adorable! You nailed it with your fun and definitely appropriate nails to celebrate the festivity!

  12. wow what a cute and pretty nail art to do ... your nails are so cute loved the shape


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