Photo Diary (Part 1)

11:39 PM

Hi Hi!!! =D

I feel like doing a photo diary series on this blog. 
Just showing some random pictures that are nice which I took through my camera or my phone that I haven't posted before. 
Just a random post on some nice pictures =) 

February 7th 2015
Suddenly feel like taking some pics of my dogs. 
So when they are lazing around. 
*snap all the way* 
This is Nemo♥♥! A Silky Terrier.
Yes, she have the same name as the little clown fish in Disney =D
Cause she was born in the year when 'Finding Nemo' came out!
My first dog! A Miniature Schnauzer.
Whisky♥♥! Ya, the alcoholic drink whisky.
 The boss in 3 dogs of the house!

I brought my dog (Foxy♥♥) out to the garden and took some shots!
Foxy is also a Miniature Schnauzer! 
 The noisiest among the 3.
But the prettiest! Mom couldn't resists her beauty and that's why we have dog number 3 in the house.

June 8th 2015
Went out with my bestie, CaiYing!! =)
Did pedicure together and had some lunch! 
Mexican food!!! ♥♥
Just came back from Pulau Redang. (1) (2)
So I'm still so tan at that time.
But she is also so fair as always! =)

June 29th 2015
Here are some pictures that I never planned to post! Hahaha
Secret pictures!! 
This is when I was trying out make up and hairstyle looks for gala night lol! 
I really went all out!! *lol!!*
I think the only differences is the eyeliner in my eyes.
And that's it! Lol!!

August 29th 2015
Just some random snaps of LC, Nicole and Me =) 
I personally love this picture. ♥♥
*Just so you know, I'm so lazy to edit these pictures, so in conclusion they are unedited pictures* 
 When the camera decides to focus only on Nicole lol!
This pic is love!!! =D ♥♥♥
And of course when I feel like showing the camera in my full face angle. =)
I guess that's it for the part 1 of the photo diary series. 
I hope you guys like this. 
Cause it helps me when I'm in my writer's block moment. =) 
And tell me whether I should continue it or not. 
Thanks~ =)

Love Me!! XOXO ♥♥♥♥

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