The Food Troupe around Georgetown, Penang

9:17 AM

Hi hi!!
Sorry for the late post this week.
I was busy with school, and poo... I couldn't even finish my assignment on time =(
But I'm getting there, and wish me a huge good luck! Lol

I started my new semester on the 1st of June.
And I'm happy that all my classes are morning class. Happy me!! =D

So, on the 4th June 2015 went out with my girls after such a long time!
Deb is finally back from the U.S. and she wanted to go to a cafe, which is The Alley in Georgetown.
Thus, we made plans to go around Georgetown.

We head for brunch at Chruch Street which is I think most of the Penang people will know.
Called Ah Lai Kopitiam.
I'm the gal who doesn't drink coffee, but Qi was pushing me to try their Coffee Special.
And it does suit my taste because it's not that bitter. =D
I ordered their curry mee with cheese. Which I think that we can do it on our own.
Just a packet of Penang White Curry Mee and then just add cheese. Lol!
But it's good. =)
Brunchie =D
Then we head over to Little India and did my first ever henna!
One for RM10.
I was really hesitating at first, and in the end taadddaaahhhh!!
Pretty isn't it?
It stayed on my hand and for almost 1 week.
Love it =)
Then we walked over to The Alley, yes walked!
If I wasn't tan enough from Redang Island trip, I'm definitely tan now.
I didn't put any sunblock. =(
So I definitely became more tanner. =/
Candid from Deb in The Alley! =)
Churros woth chocolate dip! Yummmss
We ordered the small one, if I'm not wrong is only RM6.
After we walked back to our car, we were craving for something cold.
Qi brought us to eat at the jetty there.
I don't even know the name of the place.
But they sell their stuff in a van outside a parking lot at the corner.
爱玉冰 ♥ 
It's really good! I do recommend =)
Then we head over to Chew Jetty just for fun.
And Taaaddddahhhh here's my henna that is dried up and peeled off. =)
Here are a few of candid pictures that is taken by Deb while Qi is taking pics of me. 
I don't have any pics from them so I'm only using my own pics that I have. 
Sea, boat, wooden floor, motorcycle and me, smile =D
Simple #OOTD
Top: Uniqlo
Bottom: H&M
Bag : H&M
Shoes: Aldo
Love this pic! Thanks Deb!! 
And also Qi!! =D
Was so lazy to edit these few pics at the bottom. 
So ya, original. and bad angle =/ 
So, here's a small short post for u guys. 
I had fun trying out new food with these girls and spending time with them. 
I really do love the shaved iced dessert! =D 
Simple, sweet and addictive  =) 

Till next time! 

Love Me!! XOXO 

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