Eco-Friendly Lingerie!

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Hi guys!! =D
This will be a small post.
And from the title, I'm sure you guys are intrigued about it.

I have been contacted last few days ago by this lingerie company called Naja.
And you all will be thinking: you are gonna write about undergarments on this post??
Well I am, without me showing off my body of course.

I will be showing you guys pictures of it.
And also sharing with you guys tips and trick on how to show off that lingerie of yours without looking cheap. =)
Yea, that's the best word I could think of. =D

So, before we start.

1. What is Naja?
Naja is a lingerie brand with a socially conscious mission. They offer affordable bras,panties and swimwear made from luxury materials on their online store. 
Through their Underwear for Hope program and partnership with the Golondrinas Foundation in Colombia, Naja trains and employs single or head of household mothers to sew.

2. Eco-Friendly Lingerie

Yes, they have a line of eco-friendly bras is made with fabric that is made out of recycled plastic bottles! 
That's so cool to be able to make fabric out of recycled plastic bottles!

So now, we are done with our confusions. 
Let's get on with the pictures shall we?
There's a few cool designs from their eco-friendly bra line. 
But from all designs, this design stands out the most for me. 
The colours and the design is just perfect for the summer! =D 

And now here I am gonna share some tips with you guys on how to dress it up. 
Let's say first things first get a crochet top. Not lace! 
I know people here in Asia are not usually that bold in showing off their body. 
But still, if you do have the guts! Try it! You'll look amazing!
Try dressing up like the picture below.
And for the people who doesn't have the guts, maybe like me >< 

All you have to do is imagine the bra replacing the black bra underneath that top!

Still match it with that jeans shorts and maybe add a necklace too!! 
You'll look amazing! 
Tip: Treat your bra like your swimsuit and overlay it with some cool designed flowy crochet tops!  

Don't you think this is an awesome fashion outfit for the upcoming summer??!!
Perfect for the beach, or just going out with friends on a road trip! 
You won't feel stuffy and still feel awesome! =D 

I'm glad that Naja is one of the companies that cares for the environment and also helps the people who are in need. 

And remember to go check them out! 

Love Me!! XOXO 

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