Turning 19, I feel the Love ♥♥

10:22 PM

Hey Hey!!! =D
I realised that I have tons of pending post that I needed to write and post it up.
But before all that, this needs to go up first.
I just turned 19 two days ago.
And here's what happened on my day.
[This is something I do every year, cause I want to remember how I spent my day, so if you think is boring then, sorry? Not! ]

3rd of September 2014.
The worst thing is that is on a Wednesday, my class on Wednesday is full!!
From 9am till 7pm.
Sad, so sad =(

My friends had gave me a warning to bring extra clothes to prank me.
Gosh I hate pranks, it's just sooooo embarrassing.
So I never took them seriously.

In the morning, as every other year, I received a huge bear hug from my daddy! =D
That's always the best gift from him which I can get every year. ♥♥

Messages always make me happy when the one I missed sent me birthday wishes.
Make me super duper happy cause they remembered.
[ Or maybe is the reminder in FB? IDK =D ]  

[Yes, is the little things that make me happy =) ]

When I reached school, received tons of birthday wishes.
Tons of hugs from my friends ♥♥
Received many repeated wishes from the same person. Those guys just love to play =D
Thank you for all the birthday wishes, love you guys ♥♥♥

I had a 4 hour break in between, which I got bored.
Like seriously bored!!
So I called my parents to bring me out to eat.
Went to one of my mom's friend restaurant to eat.
I ordered Roast Chicken!! It's good!! Really good!!

Sorry for the bad and blur quality pics in this post, cause I didn't bring my camera around which I regret!

So after lunch, went to buy my cake with my parents.
Then went back to school.
At my class at 5pm to 7pm is the class that most of my friends are in, and the teacher ain't strict at all.
And is also a huge class, around 90 students. =0

A group of my friends, sang birthday song for me which made me cover my face up immediately and laughing embarrassingly.
Gosh it's just so embarrassing!! =X

Then in the middle of class, another group of friends who weren't in this class, came in with loud voices singing birthday song for me.
Gosh my face should be golden at that time. =D
The funny thing is that the candle is not lighted which I find it really hilarious.

They asked me to make a wish, which I did in the pic below.
Thanks to my good friend Sha~ who took the pics in a such sudden situation.

After all big smiles, I knew the prank was near, but I let my guard down. =(
They took a small part of the cake and threw it on my face, which got on my T-shirt, most part of my face is creamed with chocolate.
Of course, revenge is sweet.
I took some part of the chocolate and smacked it on my friend's face.
Yes, it felt so so sweet *evil smile*

I'm so sorry for the teacher though, I even apologised to her when I was running to the toilet to clean up. =D

Dinner time, the last time I went to Daorae is the time I went with girls.
And I was craving for it a long long long time, and so this is the place I chose for dinner.

Really sorry for the blur pic =((

After dinner I went over to Boost like last year, and got myself a free original boost!!
Happy =D

I was searching online for some good cakes in Penang.
Then I came across this cake shop on Nagore Road, called Mon Délice Patisserie.
This is their site go check it out. HERE 

I chose their best seller cakes, which is called Mango Charlotte.
This cake is made by genoise sponge, vanilla cream mousse, and fresh mangoes!!
Well I love mangoes, so I'm sure I will love this cake too =)
And I did, I'm so satisfied with it.
You guys should go try it out too!! =)

Here's the little ruin cake my friends gave me. Thank you =))

So here's I spent my day turning 19 with tons of laughs ,smiles and memories that I will for sure cherish forever.
I totally feel the love you guys gave me by being creamed by chocolate cake in class.
How thoughtful of you guys.=/

And again. Thank you all for the birthday wishes. ♥♥

Love Me!! XOXO ♥♥♥♥

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