Mini Surprise Lunch @ Lunarich 27/8/14


Hi hi *waves*
I'm going to be writing about my small little lunch date with my good buddies Caiying and YiKai. =)

I thought it was just a small normal lunch date together, cause we haven't met after their studies and I was super duper happy that I can meet them.
And it's also a good way to spend my 4 hour break in between my classes.
YiKai being a gentleman he is [LOL] , drove me and Caiying over for lunch.

I'm not that good at making decisions on where to eat, well is because I'm not that picky at what to eat, so I rather let them choose where to go and eat instead.
I kept on asking where are we going to eat. But none of them answered me. =(
When I saw them drove over to The Cruises Steak House at Ideal.
I asked, is there where we are eating.
Then Caiying ask me : or you want Lunarich?
I said : Here nice mie? (Is this restaurant even nice?) Not answering her question.
[Even though I don't mind that we eat there, in my mind is, so this is where they want to eat, so I really don't care where we were going to eat.]
But right after I said that, she told Yikai to bring us to Lunarich instead. =0

Then I felt something suspicious. But it was still a few days before my birthday, so I really didn't think that it will be anything for me.
But right after we parked and got out of the car, being the observant one I am, I saw Caiying took a box of cake out together.

Caiying saw that I was looking at her holding the cake, then she knew she doesn't have to keep it anymore.
Surprise failed!!!! =D ♥♥
So they wished me a Happy Early Birthday!! =) ♥♥

Went to the restaurant with a even happier heart. =)
And we ate lunch, chatted a hell long time.
But hey that's what we all do, when we meet up after seeing each other, after such a long time.

They bought two slices of cakes. Which I'm grateful. ♥♥
If they bought a whole cake, I don't think we can finish it after our lunch.

Left : Black Forest.
Right : Blueberry Cheesecake

As they were trying to take out the plastic around the cake.
Blueberry Cheesecake failed. Lol!!!
So only Black Forest survived!! =)
In the end this became in the pic and not the other one.

Thank you both so so so much ♥♥♥♥

I really am grateful that we met and love you tons!!! ♥♥
8 years of friendship and counting =)

My friendship with this dude is even longer, but we recently just got closer.
Which I'm also very grateful.
We were in the same kindergarten by the way. =)

All 3 of us. =)

If you guys were wondering what I ate.
We had their set lunch. So is way more cheaper.
I ordered carbonara spaghetti set lunch, which comes with a drink, salad and ice cream as dessert. =)
For about RM23. Around that price. =)

Thanks for the failed small birthday celebration. =)
Love ♥♥

Hope we can see each other soon again!!

Love Me!! XOXO ♥♥♥

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  1. oh man. your post made me hungry!!! i am such a foodie but my doctor encourages me to shed some weight so i gotta be careful of what i pasta, no cakes! >_< but thanks for the cool post.


  2. Haha! Happy Birthday. Thx for sharing. gig love

  3. That is such a cute surprise!!! Lunch looks delicious...and the cake... nam! Now Im craving one :)
    Happy Bday!

  4. It was very thoughtful of your friends to celebrate your birthday...... but too bad the surprise element failed ! GigLove

  5. Aww that is so sweet! I coukd imagine how the surprise took place. Great friends you have

  6. The cake really looks delicious.
    Happy birthday to you, stay pretty^^


  7. Aww.. what a lovely Birthday surprise... 8 years of friendship and I'm sure it's to many more to come.

  8. All the cakes look amazing! I think I would start with a cheesecake!
    Happy birthday!

  9. omg that cake looks delicious, seems like you guys had a great time! gig loce

  10. Those slices of cakes look so delish. Happy B-day! :)

  11. Those desserts look divine - Looks like you had a wonderful outing with your friends! <3 GIGLove

  12. souds like you had a great time with your friends. 8 yrs of friendship, beautiful and so special. ps-those cakes look great. giglove

  13. Wow, you should treasure your friends... It's so nice having those thoughtful friends... Both cake and the food are so yummy!!!


  14. your friends are so lovely.. btw happy birthday to you :)

  15. omg I'm drooling over the cakes now! :P So sweet of them awww :)

  16. the cake looks relish! also happy birthday :D

  17. Happy Birthday to you! It's great to celebrate it with your treasured friends. And I died when I saw the cake! LOL

    xx Donah

  18. Surprise always make people happy! =D And the most grateful thing is good friends around to celebrate. =) giglove

  19. sounds like a great time looks delicious giglove

  20. Happy birthday dear! Your friends are so sweet to prepare such a surprise, no matter if it is failed. I love the black forest!


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