How to Make Your Date EXTRA SPECIAL!


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It's been a while!
And I have tons of things to share with you all!
Plus this is an exciting post for me to write and I also hope that it will be fun for you all to read and be inspired for your love ones!
*Love is in the air!!!*

Thinking of a date for your love ones might be challenging, as sometimes you want something special to celebrate an anniversary.
Here are some tips, or maybe my advice (from a girl's perspective) to make your special date, EXTRA SPECIAL!

1. Star Gazing!
After I realised how awesome, breathtaking and mind-blown when I look up and stare at the stars.
I finally understand what people mean by 'I can just stare at the sky for hours!'
I can do that too!
It will be so relaxing and you will be amaze by what God created!
Thus, find a spot that is dark and quiet, out from the busy cities.
In a peaceful and quiet environment with just the two of you, while staring at the stars.
That would make a date extra special with the view~
I personally would love to have an alone time with my date, and it will feel extra special, trust me!

And here might be the problem, if your boyfriend do not have a car.
Your problem is solved!
Turo, a car sharing company is on the way for to help your date night extra special! And it is way better than just renting a car!

2. Go on a Road Trip!
Who says that a date have to be just one night!
Rent an Open-roof car, a Jeep, a Minivan or a SUV and drive around to explore more than just your town for the weekend.
In my opinion, this is the best way to communicate with one another and have tons of fun while making great memories and spending it cheaply. =)
Is a win-win situation!

3. Surprise Your Love Ones ♥♥
Thinking and making a surprise event for your other partner is not as easy.
Especially if you are planning to go to a fancy restaurant for your date night!
Rent a fancy car for a night, so that your date will have the best experience ever on that night!
Giving flowers or maybe sing a [handwritten] song will always make your other fell all over you again. 
A handwritten letter is my advice!
I love to receive something that is genuine from your heart and I know that you made an effort to do it.
Those little things are the one that highlights the whole date night!

4. Remember the little things!
Always try to do little things for your date.
This is especially hard for new couples, but I'm sure your date would love it!
Hold their hand, or give them a surprise back hug *so sweet!!!*
Remember the little details that your date tell you.
I'm sure that you will win her over in no time, when you show such a good listener you are!

5. Spending time together.
Your date is EXTRA Special enough!
No matter where you date and what you do.
As long as you both are together at somewhere, doing something.
Your date is extra special, as there will be no 'same' relationship in this world.
Therefore, you don't have to worry what you have to do on the next date.
Just take it slowly and never rush in a relationship!
That's my advice!

Hope you guys like this post!
And also check Turo out, so that they can be your lifesaver when you need a ride for your date night!
Comment down below and tell me what I miss.
See you guys soon on my next post! =)

Love Me!! XOXO ♥♥

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