Reunion & Surprise! ♥


Hi Hi!!! =D
Let's go back to 28th August 2015 for a moment, shall we?

I have to update this, cause 
1. The food here is so good! 
2. Is my primary school friends reunion, again! 
3. I got a small pre-birthday surprise! =D

Now, I got all the main points out there, let's start!
It was a sudden reunion. And since everyone can make it on that particular time. 
We went for it! =D
I suggested 43 Cafe, and my mom was pushing me to be the lab mouse and try out the place first. 
So, in the end we went there! 

I was late a bit, so the others ordered first. 
They ordered most of their most recommended. 
Pasta, dry age pork, burger, satay, salad and ice cream. 
Yea. We ordered just enough for 5 people. =)   
The pasta is very rich and creamy, how most of us like it! 
Satay was good too!
Minimum order have to be 5, so we each get to eat one! =D
I love their dry age pork the most!
It's so juicy and tender, and gosh!
It's so so good!!!
Group pic before each of us separated. ♥♥
Then the girls wanted to head out for desserts.
They were exchanging body language to one and other.
Too bad I saw it, I was thinking that, what did they want to do that I don't know, especially they want to take separate cars to go to the destination.
To act like I don't know anything, I just go with the flow and just act with whatever weird reason they came out with hahaa =D

Head over to CoffeeSmith.
Ordered Hot Chocolate =D
Then Sab came in with a plate with 2 pieces of cake.
Hahaha I knew it!
I was seriously laughing!
Gosh I was so grateful and thankful to these girls, seriously! =)
Even though my birthday still have a few days left, I'm just so grateful and happy to have these girls as my friends =)
Took some pics and also some poloroid pictures too!♥♥
These girls that I have known them since my primary school years.
For almost 10 years of friendship =)
Thank you all for the small surprise, even though it's a sudden celebration.
But I really do cherish it, and absolutely feeling grateful for it!

Love Me!! XOXO ♥♥♥♥

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  1. Happy birthday in advance, it is always pleasant to have such surprises.

  2. made a mistake looking at this post before lunch, WHY THEY LOOK SO DELICIOUS!

  3. You are so blessed to have such amazing friends. The food look yummy. Happy Birthday Sarah!! Mine is on the way as well.

  4. This post makes me hungryyyyyyyyyyyyy -_- anyway your friends are awesome. You should treasure each other :)

  5. happy birthday to u girl....though it's october happy to have friend celeb bday with u!

  6. I love surprises as well as reunions. You're lucky to have such amazing people around you.

  7. the hot chocolate looks so cute! haha, and your mum is cute too, pushing you to try out new cafes first.

  8. The hot chocolate looks so cute. I wouldn't have the heart to drink it :P Glad you had a great time :)

  9. Such a great surprise, everything looks so yummy too.

  10. ive just got back from the gym and reading this is making me jealous!

  11. all your friends are so sweet.
    you are so lucky to have it them all.

  12. Seems like it was a fun re-union. I miss my friends too. Lucky you got to meet them

    - Chaithra - Style.. A Pastiche

  13. Aww, Happy Birthday Sarah! and I can see you had lots of fun in that reunion :)

  14. Throwback posts are catching up as much as throwback social media updates. Great job.
    - Heena,

  15. This remind me back what stupid thing I've done on that day... 😅


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