Happy 20th Birthday, Sarah!


Hi Hi guys!! ♥♥♥♥
I'm 20 today! Like literally 20!!!!

For the new readers, or people who just decided to pop into my blog.
There will be a post for my b'day and basically just write on what happened on the day itself.
These kind of memories are the most precious ones!

I have friends asking me, how does it feel?
Well, it feels..... well weird......
I'm so used to my teen years of being in 10s.
Now 'suddenly' introducing myself as officially 20 is just something I need to get used to.
I do feel much more older, much more 'adult', much more wiser/mature (a bit).
Just, I'm not a kid any more!

The sucky thing about INTI is that my classes on my bday is always until in the late afternoon.
Last year was like that, so is this year.

So, as per usual.
A morning birthday hug with a shout wishing me 'Happy Birthday' from Dad.

Then, 10am class, manage to reach class late a bit and my lecturer much more later than me.
Friends were wishing me right after I enter the classroom.
Hugs were shared and laughters were filled the whole room.
Some classmates were kinda confused. But heh! Don't care about them!

Kristle was trying to distract me to go upstairs with her to buy me cookie from the cafe.
I denied it, of course, but she insist!
In the end, I just gave up and let her be.
We head downstairs to the cyber circle, and waited for Kristie.
Shareeta came down to give me a present. (You shouldn't have!)
Then we all went up to the top floor to buy me cookie (as my so called bday present).

I was distracted for sure.
Cause I didn't even see the cake right in front of me when I arrive the top floor!
*Gosh I feel so........(face palm)*
My face was shocked then a smirk came out hahhaa, showing all my friends Hah I knew this was coming! 
They surprised me with cake with everyone being there!

Here's a collection of pictures that I collected from all different people.
And I even tried my 'hardest' to screenshot the pictures from snapchats! Hahaha
So some pictures might be blur! *shrug*
 Thank you all for going through all the trouble for this little celebration. =)
After all the singing, blowing out the candle and cutting the cake.
I got chocolate on my face!
Thanks Kristle -.-
I still manage to get my small little revenge back, so smile everyone! =D
Thank you all!! ♥♥♥
Then, we head out for lunch.
Finally get to receive my free drink from Boost Juice.
And also head over to Khiel's to receive my free birthday gift! =D
Isn't life fun, when everything is free! =)
Haven't go and collect my Sephora birthday gift yet. Hmmm =)
After all the fun, I have to head back to school and attend my afternoon classes.

Then, when my classes were done for the day.
Head back home and relax.
Replying to everyone who wished me.
And manage to chat with so many friends that I haven't met in so long.
Thank you all for the lovely messages! ♥♥
And I appreciate every single one of them =)

Dinner with the familia is always fun and great!
After all that cakes and fats. (from the last few days that compile all together)
I still have to buy myself a cake, cause it's tradition to have a cake and celebrate our birthday at home.
I just feel weird not having a cake in the house to end my birthday.
And since it was a last minute, I bought this small super cute mini cake from Love a Loaf!
Gosh it's adorably cute!! ♥♥
And of course with another round of sing song of Happy Birthday!
Blew off the mini candle!
My birthday is now complete! ♥♥
And of course I'm now 20 =)
Thank you everyone for the wishes, surprises and the gifts!!
I'll appreciate every single time of today! =)

Love Me!! XOXO ♥♥♥♥

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  1. happy birthday Sarah! i wish you all the most beautiful things in the world! :D keep doing what your doing !

    Pudding Monster

  2. happy belated birthday! It sounds like you had an amazing day, and your friends are super sweet x
    | Life as a Petite || Fashion, Crafts & Lifestyle Blog |

  3. happy birthday! 20 is still very young! but isn't it funnier to buy yourself a birthday cake?

  4. Happy birthday dear and welcome to 20s :P

  5. Happy Birthday sweetie, hope you had a great one. Love the fact that your friends surprised you.
    - Heena, www.icynosure.in

  6. Happy Birthday! I hope you had a wonderful day!

  7. Happy birthday! :) The photos are lovely. I'm glad that you had a great time. :)

  8. Happy Birthday dear! Your Kiehl's gifts look great! :)

  9. aw happy birthday my dear! sounds like you've had a great birthday :)

  10. happy belated birthday my dear.....20s is the nicest period in my life.....so enjoy it to the max ya!

  11. Glad that you had fun and sending in my wishes to you too!! Lovely memories captured here

    Chaithra - GIG Love

  12. Young and sweet. Happy birthday :) enjoy life at 20s :)

  13. Happy 20th! That's a fab age to be, and may you have many adventures in the years ahead!

  14. Happy 20th love <3 Party seems fun and that cake is once again scrumptious ^_^


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