Macallum Connoisseurs Coffee Co.│2pm Kelawai


Hey Hey Guys!! 
I'm going gonna talk with you all about food! 
Yes! Another foodie post that you and I love =) 

On the 1st of August 2015
I went to Macallum Connoisseurs Coffee Co. again but with my girls Lc and Nicole
I went to this cafe before, and had breakfast there.
So, now I'm gonna try their lunch! Or my brunch! =D 

I ordered a cup of hot chocolate! 
Cause I need a cup of chocolate every morning to start my day! =) 
But I still have to say Milo is the best! =D 
Our brunch is served!
I ordered salad bagel, which is huge for me! I couldn't even finish it!
Lc ordered a bacon bagel, while Nicole ordered a egg and cheese something.
Ya, they mix egg and cheese and you eat it with bread. =/
It's something new and surprisingly quite yummy too =)
This is my salad bagel that comes with scrambled eggs.
I think there's more that one egg is that pile of eggs!
It looks like a mountain of eggs!! ><
I couldn't finish it anyway.
Then we went to Paragon for some window shopping for a while to rest our stomach.
Nicole has been talking that she wanted to go for this place for high tea!
2pm Kelawai which is located in G hotel. =)
Is not a cheap place to go.
And why we decided to go with her is because that there's this high tea set in only RM35!
Love the interior, very classy look.
There's a lot of people on that day, so I didn't take much pics of the interior. =/
Us girls while waiting for our tea =)
 And of course, how can a girl not take a selfie in such a cool classy place =)
Tea is here!
I'm right there on that tea pot! =D
So, here's our high tea!
It comes with cakes, pastries and sandwiches (from top to bottom) and with 2 cups of teas. =)
This is all for only RM35! 
I rotated the plates to this cute little pink cake!
It just makes the whole look looks cute and yummy! =D
Then the pastries are normal.
Not much comment on it =/
I can even do these sandwiches.
So let's not judge =)
Then it's picture time =D
Like literally =D
The suitcases are just too cute not to take pics with, and so I did =)
Then we head outside of 2pm Kelawai.
Where there's a bar and some cool wallpaper to take pics with (I guess)
Let's pose!! =D
Selfie under the hot hot sun ><
Top: Dotti
Shorts: Uniqlo
Bag: H&M
Shoes: Aldo
 My fashion is always clean, simple and comfortable =)
 And of course, us 3 some how we wore jeans shorts on that day! Haha
Aren't we adorable =D
This is one of my favourite pic that we took together! ♥♥
 And here's another one that we love so much too!! ♥♥
And so that's it on our small little foodie trip around Penang. =) 
Glad you had fun together with me! 
And I'll talk to you guys next week! =D 

Love Me!! XOXO ♥♥♥♥

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  1. Love your easy-breezy outfit.. and the pics all spell 'Eat Me'.
    - Heena,

  2. The food looks so nice! Such a lovely gathering..

  3. The interior looks amazing and this place sure looks great to visit.

  4. I actually had never heard of high tea until my Australian friend mentioned it one day. She did say it was super expensive but it looks so fancy! That salad bagel really is huge... o_o

  5. ooo i would love to visit this cafe!!the food look good!!

  6. it's sad that the pastries aren't that good. but they looks so cute and yummy!

  7. The cafe looks so pretty and the food so sumptuous. Love your photographs! :)

  8. love the latte art! and how everything is presented. great photos :)

  9. Wow, everything looks so yummy. I'd love to visit here. You look great too.

  10. is that sesame seed on top of those bread, they kinda looks burned out to me!
    however, their interior looks great.

  11. looks like a group of tai tai going for high tea :P
    the food looks great but sad that they aren't good

  12. Loving the this coffee place. The food looks great but sad that they aren't as much as they look to be.
    Atleast you had a good time

    GIG Love
    Style..A Pastiche! recently posted.. Yoga

  13. I am not a total coffee addict, I am a tea lover actually. I love how you girls coordinated those denim shorts.

    Fatemah Sajwani

  14. Looking at those pictures make me miss my friends and makes me hungry as well. I am in a serious relationship with food. I love food!!

  15. Yes this is a pretty place indeed, and I'd be taking selfies and wefies there too :) glad the food was good too.

  16. hehe i love macallum.. but 2 pm's tea set... not for me :/


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