Macallum Connoisseurs Coffee Co.


Hi HI!!! =D 
I'm back with another foodie post =) *smirk*
Me and EeYin hung out again during CNY!! =D Yay!!
On the 26 Feb 2015. 
Went to Macallum Connoisseurs at Lebuh Macallum in Penang. 

It was a easy place to find, when you saw Macallum road sign, it's a huge place that can be easily seen on your left from the highway. 
Parking is also available, which is good! =D 

I went there for brunch. 
There's also a lunch menu from 12pm -4pm [I think] 
But when we reach there it was only around 11.20am. 
So we were lazy to wait till 12pm to order the lunch menu. 
So we ordered the breakfast section =D 
Table 24 yo!
Their deco is just really cute =)
Cakes cakes =D
Quite expensive for my taste. =/
It looks like a warehouse for people to come in and eat.
But it's a really chill place to hang out and talk.
Cause the place is huge and there's space from one table to another. =)

The counter =) lol
Even though they added so much air conditioner, it's still quite hot.
Ya, so I do suggest you guys to find a table which is in front of the fan. =D

While waiting for food, smile =D 
We ordered something for both of us to share, cause EeYin wanted cake =D
Ordered Macallum breakfast, for RM18.
It's not something they are famous for [I think] (I don't even know what they are famous for =/)
But yup, the breakfast is awesome!!
With this price and this portion, I think it's quite good.
And the good thing is fulling too =)
Yumms Yummss!!! *drool*
Ordered Belgium Chocolate cake for RM14 A PIECE!! 
That's quite expensive for a piece of cake.!
But it's really chocolaty! >< 
And it's good!! =0!!! 
After our small brunch, we just hung out and chat. 
Nothing more to tell you guys =P 

Off we go to Karpal Singh Drive. 
Took some pics =) 
Playsuit : Dotti 
Bag : H&M 
Shoes : Aldo 
Love this pic =D
This playsuit is one of my fav item I got from Aussie! =D Love~ 

And of course thanks to EeYin who spent the time with me and help me take pics =D 
And of course! A happy CNY =D
I do love the place, and I know I would go back.
So I really recommend you guys to go and have a try =)

Love Me!! XOXO ♥♥♥♥

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  1. at first i thought it was a very simple looking cafe, nothing special. but that breakfast set looks amazing!

  2. Wow that really does have a lot of space!! But it's kind of cool, I like how they spaced out the furniture so you are kind of semi-private. Quite nice!

    Autumn | It's Autumn's Life

  3. I really like the aesthetics of the place. We have a coffee shop here that looks really similar actually and I like going there often.

  4. I love the warehouse feel. It seems so neighborhood-y and chill. I see an amazing strip of bacon there and yep, I'm sold. You got me.

  5. This looks really cool!! :D Would love to visit sometime! :) thanks for sharing

    Gig Love,
    -Siew Hui,

  6. Looks like a great place and am sure you had an amazing time.
    - Heena,

  7. The dishes looks so tempting.. I'm feeling really hungry now, after looking at your yummy photos.. Looks like a nice cafe there!~


  8. The cake looks ridiculously delicious! it's quite an unusal cafe but looks cool at the same time! x
    | Life as a Petite || Fashion, Crafts & Lifestyle Blog |

  9. The food look delicious there. Im not a fan of the warehouse look though...

  10. The Belgium Chocolate looks yummy ! Would love to try that..... I like the ample of space ! Nice privacy there GigLove

  11. cafe is popping out everywhere and they look almost the same!

  12. Looks like a great place to eat. I'm not sure I like the whole warehouse look but still looks clean and inviting. I really want some of that cake!

    The Life of Leeshastarr

  13. the interior of this place is different. something worth checking out still

  14. The chocolate cake looks super delish. Now I'm craving for dessert!!!

  15. Loving the interiors of the place, very industrial and minimal. The food looks great too, I'm sure you had a lovely time there.

    GIG Love

  16. the food looks good! and actually 14 ringgit for a piece of cake at the cafe is pretty much how much we pay here in SG. i've ever paid 10 sgd for 1 tiny square of strawberry shortcake before. and i like how they space out the tables, will give you much more privacy for chats and such!

  17. food they served looks fresh and delicious. even the place seems quite warming to me.

    GIG Love,

  18. this is very good place with finest meal and also delicious! would love to try their chocolate cake <3

  19. Oh wow!! The food looks delicious and the place looks great! I love the open spacing!

  20. Next time when i visit Penang, i shall get Danny to go with me. Thanks for sharing!

  21. Very spacious area and the food looks great! That Belgian chocolate cake makes my mouth water. Haha :D

  22. The place looks nice and food looks mouth watering too!! Gotta try it next time :)
    PS: Hope to meet you in college soon ;)


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