Food is Love 2 ♥♥ 21/10/2014


Hi Hi!! =D
I'm back with a throwback food post!!
*Throw Confetti*

Before I start!
Hello December!!
Chirstmas is just around the corner =) *Fav Holiday ever*
Can't wait!! =D

I know there's a lot of food posts this year, but hey I'm a Penangnite ;)
Who loves food ♥ 

On the 21st of October =) 
Another hang out with Nicole and LerkChieh , of course with my food buddies =D 
Nicole just came back from Hong Kong around that time, and she was really missing the Hong Kong food.
Kept on telling us how good the food is. Blah blah blah ;D
And she even found a place for Hong Kong style breakfast in Georgetown.

So we went there for Breakkie!!
The place is called Triois Canon Cafe, Chulia Street, Georgetown, Penang.
The price is quite reasonable, so is worth a try.

Menu =) [Sorry for a bit blurness]

A very Hong Kong styled interior.
That sleepy face!! Hahahaha =D

I ordered [if I do remember it correctly] B.L.T. for RM6.50 a set.
A reasonable price right?
With 3 smoked bacon, garden fresh lettuce, sliced tomatoes on a toasted bagel. Served with coffee or tea. Yummss~
Add cheese for RM1
Next, a new hot store was opened quite a while ago in Gurney Paragon G floor, which is Caffe Bene.
Is a Korean Dessert place.

And here's how to eat their dessert.
Bingsu : which is like ice kacang, shaved ice with toppings and on top with whip cream or ice cream.
It comes in this huge bowl, that I thought we couldn't finish it.
We ordered a green tea flavour.
I'm not a huge fan of green tea. But I still can manage it. =)
But it's good, really good especially there's all kinds of nuts inside! =D
Another speciality in their store is waffles.
Even though the serving is so so small, the price is just too 'pretty'!!
For my opinion, try once and that's enough.
With the gelato on top, I don't really like it.
Cause they are too sweet for me ><!!
But the waffles is good! ♥
Then after all that, brunch and desserts.
We went around and did some shopping.
Walk around, digested.
And off to Sushi Zanmai for tea =D
Ordered sushi ♥♥
Then we went out, head over to a cafe, cause I don't want to head home yet, since it's still early.
Wheeler's Cafe in Love Lane.
See those mugs!!

They even have a dart machine for customers to play.
Menu =)
Psst : They don't sell much stuff, so there's not much choices *shake head*
We only want a light dinner, so we ordered a Tiramisu Cake.
In my opinion, there's too much alcohol in it.
The alcohol taste is covering the other flavour. =/
Snoopy is cute =D ♥

This is a cup of Mocha that Nicole ordered.
Then we were just craving of wanting to bite some snacks.
So we ordered some popcorn chicken.
Their chili sauce is amazing!
Very Thai chili sauce =D
While eating, we were playing with this game.
If you guys do watch Running Man, then you guys will know.
All you have to do is to put the knifes into the barrel.
But in one wrong move, you will send the pirate fly up high! And you lose. =D
I think is call a Lucky Pop-Up Pirate. [something like that]
We used the cute cups to drinks =D
I never had a selfie in a long time.
Time to post one ;)
Maybe not one :P
Top : Debenhams
Outwear : Cotton On

I'm done!!
Done with all throwbacks posts =)
Wait for next week's post for some Chritsmas related posts. =)
Have a fun holiday guys! =D

Love Me!! XOXO ♥♥♥♥ 

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  1. Wey cannot choose a better pic of us isit. Btw love the editing!

    1. Others I not pretty ma =P Thank you! =D

  2. rmb how long we wait for you to take the bingsu photo?? lol

  3. You are cute :-) I love this food from pictures, I am already hungry, thanks a lot :-( GiG

  4. omg seriously there are so many cafe in Penang and I wish I can try them all!

  5. Looks like a nice place to visit, the cups are really cute :)

  6. everything in wheeler's cafe are so cute! especially those mugs and the snoopy that came along with the tiramisu.

  7. Scrumptious food made me drool :-D I'm a biggest foodie and love to explore nee cafes everytime x

  8. OHHH NOM nom - never heard of the first cafe - i think i must try!

  9. Ah, I love when someone has the food posting like this.. Makes me wanna to eat all of the pics. Hehehe. Nice sharing, btw..


  10. hey that big huge of green tea!
    omg makes my mouth is watering now :')

  11. I love to hang out at Caffe Bene too. Yummy bingsu

  12. That snoopy picture is so cute! These pictures are making me so so hungry hhaha x
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  13. I love the fun visuals at this place be it the lovely coffee mugs or the cycle jumping outta the frame or the Mario or the visual presentation of those dishes !! They make the food look extra yumm!!

    GIG Love
    New Post - xoxo Chaicy - Style..A Pastiche!

  14. oh my. i want everything please. i want to try the bingsu! never would have thought of whipped cream over shaved ice would go well together

  15. The food looks really good and the mugs are so fun. :)

  16. The deserts at this place look way to good to eat! Gig

  17. This looks like a fabulous location - I adore those mugs & cups. So cute! <3 GIGLove


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