holiday (penang heritage day)


so 2day i got no skul

went 2 QB
i love 2 spend
especially on clothes

ate at winter warmers

went 2 some japan shop called DAISO
u should go !!!
everything in that shop is only RM5!!!
cheap wei!!
n their thing some more so cute....
haha i bought a little bag n a loose hariband
wait till i know how 2 use it
i will take the photo =))

went 2 shoepoint next
i bought a high heel
cuz foxy spoiled my last one
so i can buy a new one =D
the pattern is almost the same cuz i love it <3

den went 2 nichii
i bought a XL shirt
haha is not that i'm fat
is because i purposely buy it 2 become my jacket =))
n is checkers!!! haha i love those kinds of pattern

so yea only went 2 3 shops n i have 2 go home
sad ~~~~

i'm still thinking of buying a new heels
not sure we will see =))

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