harry potter !!


ytd i watched harry potter with mt daddy <3
went 2 YE sales 2 support my friends
bought some useless things : mostly are key chains
went 2 subway n ate dinner...
his parents was talking with my dad
i was sms-ing with him
he said he is in QB!!!!
[thats why he keep asking me when i'm going 2 QB] =s
so i went 2 borders after dinner....
he was there sitting n reading LOL
between the pages he was replying me...
i was hiding n looking at him at the same time i guess...
he saw me
oh well~~~
at 9'45pm
i went 2 watched harry potter part 2
let me be a spoiler a bit yea
in the movie
from 19 years b4 n after
emma watson still looks the same n the other cast looks older...
you noe in the ending they will have kids...
great movie!!!
he is so old already =p
she is still so pretty =)))

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