bad day ?? or even worse!!


ytd i went to church
at 11 my dad came n find us
n call us go 2 de hospital immediatlly
to find my ah gong

when we reach
my goodness my hear t was pumping hard!
my brain was giving images of ppl crying!!
n yes it was true my aunt n uncles nose was red
crying non stop... my uncle told us dat....
ah gong illness become very worse , worse den ever
anytime he will not breath, his heart is not pumping...
gabie is de one who start crying...
den steph..
den me ..
de boys was last
when we went into icu 2 c ah gong
my goodness
eyes was tired red also
i mean i hate 2 c him live me lidat
i dont even noe when Jesus is taking him away
i wan 2 have a happy time v him but is not enough

i cried non stop well my mom was too
and was really tired i cancel de ttn
and just stay in de hospital..
from 11am -> 5pm only go home
tired really tired

den today we go again just for a while
i mean stay at de hospital for wad is bored though
so all i have 2 say
ah gong:
even u left us
all of us will miss u
n i will also
i will study hard
listen 2 my parents
n i will love u always..

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