pain =[


last thurs my cousin baby from kl came back.. he n my aunt stay at my house so i sometimes need 2 take care of him n is difficult..

fri we went to g-hotel 2 eat japanese food at miraku yummy =]

sat i went 2 my cousin's house cuz my aunt from australia also came back for a week.. we had something like pot-luck.. my aunt from (aus) cook salmon n beef n dono wad yummy my mom cook chicken n crab my uncle bought durian my aunt from kl bought roasted pig.. eat till full we still had haagen daz.. yum !!
sun oh man hate today need study le but no time.. in church baby ethan sctrach my face there pain si almost wan cry out le.. so red stil got blood come out.. a bit la of course.. so wan 2 cut off his finger nails e pekchek si =[

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