~gotong-royong day~


today at 3,4, n 5 peroid we had to clean the computer room with my maths teacher.. we claened non-stop my shoes of course i wear became lay fern wear den er er wear den wet wet de..

some more i scared height de me teacher cal me climb up the ladder to wipe de fan.. die e x.x.. but i live hehe =]

we cleaned till recess almost over, so teacher give us RM50 n we divide for 19 ppl.. so one gal gets RM2 =] haha.. when we went down 2 the cantin de prefect came n ask we say we were cleaning n they cnt say anything... den pn.peh came we say the same thing she let us eat of course.. haha.. to day i ate 2 cakes one bowl of mee and a drink full si..

we almost skip geo class good thing teacher didnt teach anything =]

fun day =) xoxo

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