Waffle Factory @ SPICE

9:18 PM

Hi Hi!!

I went out with my high school friend last weekend.
I wanted to try a new cafe in SPICE called the 'Waffle Factory'.
Well from the name, I'm sure you all know that it sells waffles.

And I love waffles!!
The best ones that I had (in my opinion) are from 'Brown Pocket' in Gurney Paragon.

These waffle from 'Waffle Factory' looks similar to the ones from Brown Pocket, small but thick.
All the toppings add with ice cream have the same price of RM15.90.
Another cool thing is that you can choose your own flavour of waffle.
There's 3 flavour which are original, chocolate and matcha.

Chocolate and Banana with Original Waffle

What I don't like about the waffles here is that, the toppings were all put aside, is so hard to pick it up and eat them together with the waffle and ice cream. 
It just becomes a messy meal. 
They do sell coffee and cold drinks too.
Perfect for the hot weather to quench your thirst.

I heard that savoury waffles will be sold in the future.
If that's true, I would love to revisit them and try it too!

In conclusion, I preferred Brown Pocket's waffles over Waffle Factory.
Just saying, this is in my own opinion.

Love Me!! XOXO ♥♥

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