How to Dress Up A Bralette.

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But now, finally I have the time.
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Yes, we are talking about undergarments again, but in a different way.
We are going to be talking about bras, again!
But instead of just talking about bra, I'm going to be talking about how to style with bralette.
I never own a bralette before, the closest I got is a mini crop top/bandeau bra.
So I'm gonna take some pics that I found in Pinterest on how to dress up bralette.

1st look: Just wear the bralette as a top.

You girls are beautiful just the way you are, so be confident to wear it (if you guys like this look, of course) 
This kind of strapped bralette is really pretty and trendy. 
It's shows off enough skin, and the design is just unique! =D 
Perfect for the hot days out of course, like for my country! And also perfect for summer too! 

2nd look: Overlay it with a top. 
Wear a simple crop top over the strapped bralette, but still let the bra peak out just a little bit, is just sexy and cute!!
This look is getting more norm these days =D
If you don't want your front to be expose, you can wear an open back top instead.
It really give off a different look for the entire outfit! =D
The one below is the most simplest bralette that we could find in stores. =)

3rd look: Lacy bra.
This is a new look that I recently discover.
The lacy halter neck bras!! Which are amazing!
It gives out a bohemian look, and shows enough bra.

4th look: Just a little peak out.
Wear a normal lacy bralette/ bra.
Pair them with normal t-shirts or even low cut shirts, sweaters and any comfortable tops, but not too low.
So that you can show off a little bit of your beautiful lacy bra.
I like this look!
Nothing too much to show, but just a little peak saying hi! =D
I never said that this is the look I will wear, cause I think my parents will not like it. 
But this is definitely a new look for sure, in the fashion industry. 
I like it, it brings out feminine for woman, without dressing up much too. 
Whoever do try it out, share it with me! 
I would love to see =) 

Love Me!! XOXO ♥♥♥

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