How to dress Dressy Casual

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Hi Hi guys!! =D 

I'm back with a small post on how to dress Dressy Casual. 
Actually, this shoot is to help my friend for her assignment. 
But I think, it will also help you guys with how I dress for it. 
It's my first time dressing up like this, somehow dressy yet still casual enough to walk through the mall comfortably. 
And most of all I loved it! 

I realised that my most viewed post in my whole blog are usually the fashion posts! 
So I guessed my readers love to read my fashion posts, on where I buy them and how I style them =) 
Glad you guys liked it! =D 
Will continue to work hard for you all =) 
Okay. Let's start, shall we?
T-shirt : Uniqlo
Skort : Cotton On
Bag : H&M
Heels : lol some boutique that I couldn't remember the brand *sorry*
Statement Necklace : 

First of all, what makes the whole outfit Dressy Casual is the skort! 
No kidding! 
Skort is a piece of bottom that looks like a skirt but with shorts inside. 
And with this asymmetric skort design, you can dress up and also dress down, however you like! 
Dress down is by just wearing a normal fitted top with flats or flip flop. 
You will still look chic and cool at the same time. =D 
But how I dress up the whole outfit, is by accessories.
Statement necklace is one choice you can choose to make the whole look even more dressier.
I do admit that the necklace brings out a feminine side of the whole look, instead of the casual, normal, plain look.

Heels is also another choice you can add in.
All girls know that, wanna look prettier is by wearing heels.
Heels makes a girl posture straighten up, to look more well good looking.
Another point is that they make us girls legs looked more longer and slimmer. =)
So with these few little things (I don't like my outfit full with accessories), I am sure that you guys can also dress Dressy Casual too!
It's not a hard fashion style to test.
And I'm also sure that you guys will like this! =)

Good Luck!! =D

Love Me!! XOXO 

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