Pastel Colour Block Nails Tutorial for Spring

10:41 PM

Hi Hii!! =D
Now I'm finally back with a proper, long nice tutorial post for you gals! =)

Spring is here!! 
And whenever I think of spring I think of pastel!
I mean, come on, the colour is just so so pretty! 
And nobody can deny it! 

So I'm gonna share with you guys on how to put those colours on your nails =)   
Let's start, shall we?
And for bonus!! 
I'm showing you gals TWO types of colour block nails!!
Well, of course. 
First thing first! 
You need the colours! 
Use whatever colour you guys like, I used pastel pink, green, blue, purple and yellow! 

Mint Green: The Face Shop.
Pastel Yellow: Sephora Mini Nail Polish. 
Pastel Blue: Sephora Mini Nail Polish.
Pastel Yellow: Sephora Mini Nail Polish. 
Pastel Pink: Teddy Girl - Butter London. 
Step by step tutorial for this nail art! =)
 1. Choose a base colour of your choice, I chose the pink as the base colour. 
2. Then, wait for it to dry!
3. When it's dry enough, put on the tape and do whatever shape you like.
Here I'm doing a triangle shape on the tip of my nail. =)
Tip: Remember to press down the edges, so that the nail polish doesn't flow to other places.
4. Choose another colour, which I chose the pastel purple and paint it on the open area of your nail. =)
Remember from my other nail tutorials?
Peel out the tape after around 15-30 seconds.
5. And Waalllaaahhhh!! You're done!
Paint a layer of top coat and show off you pretty nails! =)
*Sorry for the blur pic >< *
Of course, you can do many other shapes!
And that's what makes it colour block!!

Here's my final results! 
I did mention above I'm showing you gals 2 types of colour block nails right?
So here's the second one, simple and nice =)
Just colour each nail with different pastel colours!
It looks like candy, and I love it!! 
And of course, when you combine both hands together. 
You get a mixture of love and happiness! 
The happiness on my nails!! =D
I love this so much!! ♥ That I wish that it won't go off!!
Spring is here!! =D
To get ready for spring, try out this tutorial and tell me how it goes!!
Share pics through my social media, which I would love to see.
This nail art is up to your creativity, with mixture of pretty colours! =D
Hope you guys love this as much as I do =)

Love Me!! XOXO 

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