Fast & Furious 7

8:40 PM

Hey guys!! =D

Happy to be back with a more better and longer post!
So just to keep you guys up to date before we get into the post, I was busy with school.
Understandable? Yea.. So I'm sorry that I only update both short post in 2 weeks.
I was so busy that I couldn't find any time to scroll through my social media, and I could just count it all in one hand.
And that's how busy I was, assignments after assignments and after assignments!
I mean, we all need to work hard to get good grades right?
And I'm trying my best to balance things out for school and here and my personal life. =D
I'm happy that I have friends around me, awesome friends to be exact, to help me through this two busy weeks.
Thank you!

And to celebrate the end of my assignments days, I went out with my parents being the third wheel of course, and watch Fast & Furious 7!!

Everyone was anticipating for this movie especially after the late Paul Walker passed away, made the movie even more well known that even my mom wanted to go watch the movie.
And this is rare for my mom to go and watch an action film. Or I could say a 'boy' movie. =P
I have to admit that I never watch the Fast and Furious 1 to 6.
Nope, never!
Cause I don't know, watching speeding cars is boring some times. =/

But then I went anyway because I want to watch for one person - Paul Walker.
Yea, I know right *sarcasm whao!*
But it's the truth here, I wanna know how they CG, which part they CG and their stunts.
After I came out from the cinema, I was: yup, this is a good movie, a very good one to be exact! But I still won't go and watch back all the 6 movies.

Scenes in the movie are great, a PG18 movie which I don't even know why they have it.
Nothing gruesome or very annoying vulgarity. So I don't find it why it needs a PG18, but hey this is Malaysia, which bans Fifty Shades in the cinema.

Stunts they did are just shocking and just mind blown.
Before I watch the movie, I saw the news saying that the air plane stunts, where the cars coming down from the sky is real!
My mind just couldn't connect how awesome and cool and brave they are!
I also read that they crashed and used 230 cars in total. I'm just speechless!
But I'm sure that this movie will go way beyond than everyone expected, cause it did for me. =)

Lastly, the last scene in the movie is the most heart breaking scene ever!!
My friend and my brother did warn me about this, but the part I teared up was when Brian called his wife telling her he loves her always.
That scene for me is the most heart breaking one!
The last scene in the movie, they compile up all the scene of Paul in all 6 movies and contribute to him. =)
This is movie is for him, for Paul! 

If you guys haven't watch the movie, please do go and watch.
Not only because of speeding cars and cool stunts, but also the movie remind us that family is important!

My fav quote!
'And what's small turn to a friendship and friendship turn into a bond.
And that bond will never be broken and that love will never get lost.' - See You Again lyrics.

Have fun watching the movie!
It's a really recommended movie! =)

Love Me!!XOXO ♥♥♥♥

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