Chinese New Year 2015 Lookbook

11:15 AM

Hi hi =D 
Back with a fashion post. 
What I wore during the first few days of Chinese New Year 2015 =)  

So let's get started!
Day 1 =) 
Dress : Lynn Boutique 
Heels : Lynn Boutique 
Bag : H&M 
Did make up!
Which is of course a rare occasion =D
I don't look weird, do I?

Day 2 =)
Floral Romper: JayJays
What do you guys think? =)
Night time =)
Top : Uniqlo
Cardigan : Cotton On
Skort : Cotton On
Try to be sexxaaayyyy [failed!] =D
Love the skort!! =)
Day 3
Cardigan : Forever 21
Dress : Dotti
Bag : H&M
I got the dress without thinking much.
But still love it =)
Night time
Dress : Lynn Boutique
Drew eyeliner =0!!
The dress is special.
It's longer on one side than the other.
Yea. That's all. Hahha =D
Day 4/5? [I don't know]
Romper : Dotti
Shoes : Aldo
Bag: H&M
Love the patterns of the dress =)

So that's it for today's post =)
Hope you guys liked it =)
Comment down and tell me which look you guys like =D

Love Me!! XOXO♥♥♥♥

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