A recap of 2014

8:20 PM

Hi Hi!! =D [For the last time in 2014]

Well 2014 is almost over, New Years is coming up, a new year is heading in our way.
But before we check out the future, let's turn our head back and see what we did this year =)
This year has been a total awesome ride!
I had tons of fun, tears, ups and downs, which makes me grow up more!! =)

So let's recap what we did together this year.
Shall we? =)

1. Did my first photoshoot [not officially] for my blog =)


2. Went out a lot for some awesome food!! =)
And a lot more! =)
These are just a few.

3. Did some easy manicure.

4. Did my first haul!!

5. Attended my brother's graduation.

6. Celebrating my 19th birthday in class!

7. Received a birthday surprised in front of 90 people!! =0!!

8. Been tagged by my friends to do 20 facts of me =)

9. Did my first advertorial from Zalora Malaysia.

10. Received more advertorial from different companies from all around the world! =D

11. Had a holiday in Sydney, Australia. ;)

12.  First time watching a Broadway musical.

13.  Made tons of new friends.
Yea, I know I look ugly in this pic!!

14. Changed my course to AUP.

15. Still made time and appreciate the time with my friends =)

16. Broke my own record on my blog post views.

17. Stayed in a really pretty house for a holiday!
Will update this soon =)

18. Did Skywalk in Sydney Eye Tower.
Will update this soon =)

19. Took a  picture with Santa Claus. =D

20. Ate a 1 meter long pizza!! [Shared, of course]
Will update on this soon =)

21. Volunteered in a animal shelter and a children's home.

22. Studying Econs for the first time [Hated it]

23. Went into a sauna.

24. Went Boxing Day shopping! =)
Will update this soon =)

25. Spend time with family.

So as you guess could see that all my links have a .com.au is because that I'm in Australia right now for my holidays. =)

There's a few stuff that I did, and I haven't wrote it down on my post.
Please wait for it next Jan, I'm sure I will post those up!!
The things that I did and wrote it below with 'Will update this soon', mostly happens in my Australia trip =)
So I hope you guys understand and be patient =)

Have fun celebrating New Years and stay safe! =)
Let's meet again in 2015 ;)

Love Me!! XOXO ♥♥♥♥

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