Joo Heng Tom Yum ♥ Gathers Cafe ♥ Farewell 1/8/14

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Hi Hi!! =)
So I was going through all the pending post in my draft and I still have this post which is from the Hari Raya holiday.
And it's already a month ago. =0 

When I came to college, many of my friends says this place in mainland have really awesome TomYum.
Well, I really love TomYum. =D
And I wanted to try it so so so badly.
So I asked my friend LiFang and Isaac to bring me.
Yeah!! =D
So this place is at Raja Uda in Butterworth.

We get to choose all kinds of ingredients to eat. =)
Like fried fish , meat, mushrooms, sausages and more!!

I love is their fried fish the most. ♥♥
You have to get them , it's a must try!!

I have forgotten how much 3 bowls cause. But I think one is around RM 8 or 9 =)

A disadvantage is that we have to wait for almost 45 minutes for them to cook and we only get to eat. =/
And yes, there's a lot of people.!!

And just down Raja Uda road, we head over to Gathers Cafe.
This cafe is one of the most popular one in the mainland.
Cause of it's cute dessert I guess.
But there's some cafe rules you need to follow.[Which I find it quite stupid] Or else you will be scolded by the manager.  *shurgs*

Menu!! =)

The rules =/

I find the interior is very cozy and comfortable. ♥♥
Like you just wanna sit there and chat for a long time. =)

Okay I'm sorry , I forgot what's this called. But I really like it. It's really good =) ♥

Since there's 3 of us. We ordered all 3 of their cute popular desserts.
This bear ice cream is served with caramel.

The one that looks like an owl is served with chocolate sauce.

And the snowman is served with coffee or in detail is espresso.

All 3 together!!
Cuteness overload!!

I had a great time spending time with my close buddies who are serious older than me a few years. =D
But hey, age doesn't matter when you make friends. =)

Isaac is in US now.
We took our time out that day just to give him a small farewell from us.
Hope you enjoyed.

So I guess that's it from my Raya holiday posts!
The End!! =D

Love Me!! XOXO ♥♥♥

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