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Hey Hey people!! =D
It's been 2 weeks since I ignored my blog.
Why?? You asked.
I've got bitten by the lazy bug. Yup!! I'm sick!!
My disease : Lazy!!
Now on the way to recovery, I've started writing again. =)
So hope you guys enjoyed this throwback events which was a month long ago.
Heh sorry la ha =D

So on the 5/6/14
I went back to my high school with some of my friends to... let's say to do some things.
Anyway after we were done with our business.
Me and Wing Keh went out for lunch. =D
Since we both haven't met for what?? 1 year plus??!
Yeah quite a long time already, compare to when we were in high school we meet almost everyday.
We just had lunch, and had a long chat!!
Which was something I missed the most during high school.
Just get to sit down and chat with her is just great!! =))
And I'm always happy to have her as my great close friend. =))

Another day 7/6/14 Ke Yin's Birthday Party

Ke Yin who is also Sab, that I sometimes mention in my blog =)
She's been my bff since kindergarten believe it or not!!! Hahaha It's true!!
We found each other again during primary school when I transferred to her school, since then we were bestie again =D
Anyway, she held what she called ' my last year as a teen' birthday party!! LOL
No no, her actual theme is a costume party, but since she gave me a late invite, I didn't have the time to prepare a costume for her party *shrugs*
She held a day earlier from her actual birthday. =D
So anyway she invited tons of people.
Mostly her family, friends from her current school, and some from my school [which was her last school]
Thanks to KY with had a mini reunion =D
After we all separated after graduation, I never met any of my classmates except some who were in the same college as mine.

I was happy I get to meet all of you guys again =D
Hope to see you all again soon =) ♥♥

Yup since I'm still kinda sick [not really] =P
I've wrote this short little post that happened in the past month =D
Have an enjoyable summer for those who are celebrating summer =D
And of course,
Hello July!!! =D

Love Me!! XOXO ♥♥♥♥

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