Have Bra-Blems? How to Find the Perfect Fit!


Hi Gals!

I am back with another how-to post!
I recently discovered ThirdLove and thought it would be fun and helpful to bring you all the ultimate guide to fix all your bra-blems.
ThirdLove is a lingerie company that focuses on amazing fitting bras!

Since great fitting clothes are essential in putting together an outfit, isn't a great fitting bra just as important?

Have you ever had an uncomfortable bra situation?
Well I have, and is very annoying when the strap of the bra slipping down my shoulder, and I always have to pull them up to the right place, also very unpleasant to see in public.

To save your bra-blems, I have a few tips here for you! 

Before all else, how to put on a bra. 
Wait, what?! 
I'm sure you all know how to put on a bra. 
But, do you really know how to put on a bra the correct way? 
These are the correct way of putting a bra on! 

Now here are some solutions to your Bra-Blems! 
1. Slipping Straps 
When those troublesome straps are giving you the slip, follow these quick and easy tips. 
  • Tighten the straps. (seems obvious) But as we wear a bra, the straps starts to stretch out. So I recommend to tighten your straps about once a month. 
  • If that doesn't work, it might be the time to explore a different bra style. Usually Full and Semi Coverage, and Convertible bras have the narrowest set straps which help keep them on your shoulders. Balconet and Plunge bras will have wider set straps, so if you have narrow or sloping shoulders, the strap issue can be exaggerated with these styles.
2. Band Riding Up
Is your bra band riding up in the back? Here your fix! 
  • It's time to buy a smaller band size so that you have a comfortable fit. Remember, when you get a smaller band size, you need to go one size bigger in the cup.
  • You'll know you're in the right band size when you can slip two fingers underneath the back of the band. The band should be snug on the loosest hook, so when your bra stretches out you can continue to tighten it. 
3. Straps Digging In 
This is a common issue that causes women wanting to rip their bras off the second they walk in the house at the end of the day. 
  • Instead of the straps doing the heavy lifting, it should be the bra band that should be doing most of the work. 
  • Chances are yours is too big or has stretched out to the point that you're not getting the support you deserve. 
  • Try buying one band size smaller. 
Remember: When you get a smaller band size, you need to go one size bigger in the cup. Same tip as above!

4. Quad-Boob
In case you are wondering, this doesn't mean that you have four boobs. 
But it may look that way when you wear a really tight shirt. 
It's okay, here's the tip! ;)
  • Time to trade in a bigger cup, let's give'em some space to breathe. Up a size in the cup! 
5. Side Boob 
We may spot some celebrities side boob on the red carpet, but I have to tell you, it's not a good look. 
  • Your breast spills out of the side of the cup is due to the cup is too small. 
  • Eliminating side spillage is easy! Just size up in the cup and size down in the band.
  • Another possibility is that your band is not tight enough, causing the wire sit on your breast. 
  • Size down in the band and up in the cup!  
Tip: A comfortable band should pull the wire back and allow your breast to sit into the cup properly. 

6. Cup Gaping
This is also a fairly common issue for women. 
Remember this! "They're Sisters, Not Twins" 
  • First try tightening the straps. (Sometimes that all you need to do) 
  • If that doesn't work. Try going down a cup size. It may be that your cup is just a little too big. 
  • If your cup fits well, but there's still room at the top, try a Plunge or Push-up style. These cups are angled and tend to be cut a little smaller to reduce gaping! 
Here are some fixes for your bra-blems that I hope that will be kept in mind!
Comment down below and tell me what you all had experience too! 
And also just for you guys, my readers to enjoy 15% off your orders form ThirdLove products.

Love Me!! XOXO ♥♥♥♥

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  1. Thank you for these wonderful tips on finding the right fit. I'll keep them in mind for sure.

    xoxo - GIG - Chai - Style.. A Pastiche!

  2. These are some great tips! I am sure we all have some of these bra-blems in our lives. Thanks for sharing :)

  3. These tips are so useful and the ThirdLove products look great. Thanks for sharing :)

  4. Cute post xD
    I never really had a problem with my bra xD
    But this is a nice tips ^^ thanks for sharing :)

  5. that situation is so sucks! and i really hate it when happens.
    thank you for the recommendation ;D

  6. Such an informative post! I'm sure your tips will help many!

    much love... GreenStory

  7. Haha.. Very true.. Experience it sometimes.. Thanks for your tips!

  8. I truly understand the struggles in finding the right bra! Thanks for the tips, it's really helpful!


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