ping pong!!


2day is the most funniest painest day of my life!!

pain >>>
we had 2 bring all
i mean ALL my text books to skul!!
well for wad ???
only 2 chop....
yeesh!! so lame eh thing....
*hate GT teasing me too*

we had ping pong activity 2day...
so we stay in school till 3'30pm
it was the most funniest ping pong game ever!!!
OMG!! i love this club...
teacher dont care wad we do n some more laaugh with us...
at the same time i feel the friendship is coming together again
( isnt that true minyi???)
purdy did head butt 3 times when she didnt not even know...
fun did the *eagle chase chicken* eh action =D
me well...
i did the flap wing eh action..
minyi did........ all kinds actually so is jxhia...
wing keh did the most weird n funny sound ever!!!
love ping pong
wish we will have de same one next month....!!!

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