QB ^^


today got no skul wee!!

1st time ever for so many years
at last got a holiday for chu 9
i mean for my frens will be tiring
but for me is a fun day lol!!

*skip the afternoon part*

went 2 QB after ttn at 5'30 - 7'30pm
den we ate at nandos =D
den went 2 bilabong got happy news and sad news
happy news : bilabong have 70% =D
cause of that i bought a bag n a purse =DD
sad news : bilabong is closing at QB at the 14th of feb!! =((((

after that i saw a bff key chain!!
man that is pretty!! 39.90 n 70% so it was a lot cheaper
gonna give deb half of it i guess.. =D
dont tell her tough is her b'day present =D lol!!

watch the green hornet at 9'35pm
man it was a funny, (stupid guy) movie haha
but is great.....
acted by jay chou OMG *he talked eng aint that bad*
so that all
see ya l8r!!

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