my birthday ~~


sorry for the late post
ytd comp got problem so cnt update

yes!! i'm 15th!! 15th i tell u 15th!!

i went 2 skul
sab was the 1st who wish me 'happy b'day'
den it was kim
den lay fun

we went up 2 class after that
caryn over heard dat it was my b'day
so she wish me n started singing happy b'day 2 me haha
den zhi hui came in to the class
gave me a present
yipee my 1st presentthank gals!!
i love it!!!

after recess we sat down in dataran katin
cuz a teacher is retiring
so we sat there almost for 3 periods
goody no need 2 study!! 8D
den de whole skul was singing for the teacher
i mean it the teacher not me!!
my freinds keep saying the whole skul was singing for me
haha i'm not that old la!!

den de last period when it was almost time 2 go home
sab cal me "salad"n gave me a present
a adidas bottle n a card
dat minyi lied 2 me n say is her lover give her de (sheesh)

then i went 2 buy my b'day cake
it was at night le
bluberry cheese cake
fat si me e
but i not yet eat my cake yet till now
cuz vey full
haha show u some pics~

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