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Hi hi!! =D
I'm back with another food post =) *smirk*

On the 8th of Nov, after I watched the movie 'The Cage' with my friends.
Nicole, LiFang and me went over to Haven Harbour for dinner =D
And also because Nicole wanted to go there for their chocolate drink -.-
So here is a small post about my experience there. =)

Menu =)
I don't know you guys can see it or not, but try to zoom it and have a look. =)
The place was quite dark, cause I went during night time.

So instead of the menu given, they also sell muffins and cupcakes on their counter. =)
Which I didn't try.
 Christmas is coming! =D
The nutcracker decoration is already here on the table. =D
 They also do sell pastries and cakes.
Which I also didn't try, I wasn't hungry at that time, so... yea~
 Cookies is also available beside the cakes.
Looks delish though =D
In the menu, there is this section only for chocolate drink.
They sell hot 54% of Dark Chocolate for RM9.90
Since there's so many cafe opening in Penang, coffee art became something really important for those stores.
And this is one of the best coffee arts I've seen so far! =)
It's really chocolaty and taste seriously super duper good! =D
I would go back for another cup, of course! *thumbs up!*

And of course, a cup of chocolate doesn't help to fill our stomach.
So we ordered a creamy carbonara at the pasta section in the menu. =)
For RM18.90
They look good, don't they?
And they taste good too! 
Super creamy, the flaw is that I kept on biting on to pepper.
Their pepper is in bits, and not in powder form, so you kept biting it while eating your pasta. =/
Every stomach sure have a small place for desserts.
And we ordered one too!
Well we came here is for this and also for the chocolate drink.
Chocolate is seriously your stomach's best friend ;)
Chocolate Assiette RM16.90
In simple words, chocolate lava cake with marshmallow and ice cream. =)
The price is quite expensive for me.
But the taste is just heavenly, chocolaty and just great to make your day! =D

A photo posted by Sarah Lee (@sarahlee95) on
If you are having a bad day, go eat this! =)
I'm sure it will make you smile. =) 

So, that's it for my small little food post.
Stay happy and smiley everyday!
Don't let negativity bring you down.
Cause chocolates will save your day! =D

Love Me!! XOXO

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