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10:38 PM

This is another small short post for someone really dear to me. =)

I thanked you all who are being patient for waiting for my update. (if that really happen)

Anyway, this post is for my cousin, Steph!! =D
Steph and me have the closet relationship (well compare to others) between my cousin.
[Not saying that I'm not close to my other cousins]
Well one, we are only one year apart.
Two, we both love to read. Books!! She always recommend me different novels, which I really appreciate =)
Three, we meet each other every week in church, so how can we not be close =P
Four, we have almost the same personality and attitude, so yup we understand each other better =))

Now Steph is in Canada for further studies, for a few days dy.
I'm missing you so so much!!
All I wanna say is that, take care of your health there!
Concentrate on your studies!!
And skype me every now and then =D
Love ya 

Don't forget to be with God alwayss =))


Our epic childhood pic hahhaha =DD

Love Me!! XOXO 

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