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6:13 PM

Hi Hi peepo!! =D

This is my visit to Ernest Zacharevic Solo Exhibition which was held in Hin Bus Depot Art Centre in Penang during 17Jan to 14 Feb 2014.

I mean if you guys who are from Penang or even Malaysia, you should know who he is.
He did all the famous wall painting in Georgetown.
The most famous one is this one =)

So this year, he did one solo art exhibition which I have to say is really impressive =)
Here are the pics I took =)
I went there twice.
Brought my cousin from KL once and I went on my own once =DD

Toilet Doors haha

Lego!!! Childhood memories =D

Ernest is there!! The one in grey =) 

There's going to be a WuShu performance, he was playing with the kids lol!! 

Gold trolley!! 

The kids WuShu performance =) 

Love this one!! ♥♥

#Throwback to 2012 =D When I first met Ernest and got his autograph =DDD  ♥♥

I know this post is just tons of pics but hey I know you guys will like it if a post is full with pics instead of small wordy words sometime =D
I get ya!! =)

Love Me!! XOXO ♥♥♥♥

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