2nd Penang Bridge =)

12:41 PM

Hey Hey!! =)) 

So in the beginning of March, yea~ I have noting to introduce much actually.
Just a new bridge just opened in the beginning of March, in Penang.
Nothing special. Lol
Super normal. *sarcastic much*

So before, the bridge is officially open, we get to walk on top of the bridge.
Which I totally missed out. Cause I have parents who were lazy to drive us there to check it out.So, my friend sent me this pic, when he went on top of the bridge for a walk.

Night view of the bridge is pretty!
I went there, just the day before the bridge officially open.
The LED lights is pretty!

That's all I can say *shrugs*

View from under, well not really under the bridge but still it's still below the bridge.

So many people under the bridge area, and busy preparing for the opening ceremony. 

After the bridge is officially opened!
My family went up for a ride.
Yes, just go across the bridge and U-turn back!
Lame I know!! =/



Well then, sorry for the lame post of a bridge, which I have no idea why I wanna write down about it. 
But yea, =) 
I've crossed the Second Penang Bridge already! LOL
Being lame much! 
Well, I get to experienced it before many people out there.
Well ya, finished this lame post! =)) 
Talk to you guys next time =) 


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