Chinese New Year Outfit 2016!

2:43 AM

Hi Hi!!

I've been busy the last few weeks, so I apologised for not updating sooner.
You know how it will be.
When laziness hits after the whole day of being busy.
And all you want to do is just sleep.
Yea that's what happened to me.
But anyway! Let's get into the post!

Chinese New Year have been fun!
Get to wear new clothes, received red packets plus meeting family. =)

I did mention from the last post that I'll be posting about my CNY.
So I'm going to share on what I wore during CNY.

Day 1 of CNY
I wore a two piece outfit.
Cream in colour with a layer of something like a net over the whole top and the skirt.
I like the colour.
I like how trendy it looks.
Best part is that it goes with everything!

 Top + Skirt is from Lynn Boutique.
 Wore the Statement Necklace that I bought from TaoBao.
Heels are from NEXT.
Bought them from my last KL trip! =)
Next outfit is this white top with a ribbon in the front.
Which is from NEXT also.
Pastel pink shorts is from A.S.A.P.

This wristlet is my go to purse for basically all my outfit in CNY.
Pastel pink wristlet from Charles and Keith.
This navy blue dress is from SuperDry!
I know, shockingly they have dresses there.
Love the top part of the dress!
Lastly this pink and white stripe dress with a hint of yellow is from Lynn Boutique too!
These are the outfits that I wore to dinner or family gathering, you know for special occasion and that's why I took pictures of them.
Other times I just wore some normal clothes.
Nothing worth to take pictures of.

Hope you guys like this small and short post!
Will 'talk' to you guys soon!

Love Me! XOXO ♥♥♥♥

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