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Hi Hi!! =D
I'm back with another food post! =)
But there's a small warning though, these places that I had visited is already 1 or 2 months ago.
So the details of the price may not be accurate. =)
Hope you guys enjoy me shoving food into your faces ;)

There's tons of places to eat in Penang, especially Penang is the it place for food.
But besides the hawker food, let's upgrade a bit and go to some restaurants and cafes =)
I've been to a few places just to try out some new places. =)
Here's 3 of them >>

New York Burger / Pizza @ Jalan Irrawaddi 
10 August 2014
It's been already 2 months I went there to eat lunch with my friends.
We wanted to try some charcoal burger, because charcoal burger was a huge thing in Penang for while.
So we ordered their lunch set, with pizza and a jug of drink. =)
And we ordered an extra burger to share.
I already forgotten how much this set is worth.
But yea, the burger is amazing! Worth to try it out, once =D

We ordered 2 pizza
If I remembered correctly one is Hawaiian Chicken and the other one I don't remember.
It should be New York Special [ I think ]
But my friends prefer the other one instead of Hawaiian Chicken, so ya.
That's my comment. =D
I was craving for some pineapple that time, so that's why I ordered Hawaiian Chicken. =)

The environment is small, there's only like 10 to 12 tables in total.
But the food is great!
Cause I like thin crust pizzas!! ♥♥

Baa Baa Black Sheep 
This cafe served breakfast and is located at the opposite of Dalat International School in Tanjung Bungah.

The decoration in here are just adorable. =)

Menu =)
I went there with my close friend Caiying.
And we ordered a Big Breakfast for RM14.90
Overall is a great breakfast, since both of us shared one big plate I think is just so so.
But if only one person ordered one plate of this, it's really worth the money.

Basement 6 
Me and my friends wanted to find a place to have lunch.
And it's just right opposite our church, so we came over here to have a try. =)
Since it opened not too long ago.
Set Lunch Menu
Their set lunch comes with a soup, salad, main dish and a drink. =)
I like their garlic bread!! ♥♥
I ordered Aglio Olio set for RM15.
Not bad, it's not really oily which is a good thing. =)
Roast Chicken set for RM19, I think Nicole ordered this.
I don't remember =/
But it looks quite delicious =)
Lerk Chieh ordered Fettuccine Carbonara set for RM17.
I know she loves carbonara, so she won't complain much for this dish. =)
LiFang ordered Traditional Chicken Chop set for RM15.
I didn't really ask them how it taste.
But for RM15, is really worth the money. =)

So I guess I'm done shoving food into your faces now. =)
And of course There will be a next time, so don't worry. =D
Have a great holiday!!

Love Me!! XOXO ♥♥♥

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