Our Last Date @ Secawan & Such 4/9/14

10:32 PM

Hi Hi!! =D 
This is my last date with one of my bestie, Sab aka KeYin before she goes overseas to further her studies. =(

So we decided to go to Secawan and Such at Hutton Lane for tea.
But our main purpose is to have a great time together, not for the food.
Since my birthday was on the 3rd of Sept, Sab wanted to treat me instead.

The interior is spacious between each tables, so I like that!! =)

Click on the picture to zoom in to check on the menu =)
A comfy place for lots of people when hanging out =)

We ordered Rocky Road for RM9.50
It's really chocolaty and the marshmallow just makes everything even sweeter =)

Sab ordered a Matcha Latte, while I ordered a Chocolate drink =)
The food here is normal for me =)
I'm not really a great photographer, but I'm learning everyday =)
Hope I can take great pics soon =D
But Sab is a awesome photographer!! I really love her pics!!
She's great in front and behind the camera =D

Top: Debenhams
Shorts : Voir Jeans
Shoes : Toms
My pretty darling =D

Spamming picture time of us =D
There's tons of pics we took, it's just too much for me to post it all up =/
We also took pics with her poloroid camera =)
 This is how we look like =D
 I love you, you love me ♥
Being awesome yo!
We had tons of fun and laughter the whole time =D
It's more on spending quality time together, which I appreciate a lot! ♥
And of course laughter is the best medicine.
So stay positive and happy always!! ♥♥

Good luck in your studies overseas!!
Thank you for being such a awesome friend to me =)
Remember that I'll always be here for you =))
Be Happy Always!! ♥♥
Love you♥♥

Love Me!!XOXO ♥♥♥

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