Early Celebration with My Girls ♥ 1/9/14

9:50 AM

Hey hey =)
I'm back with another of my small birthday celebration post. =D
I'm so sorryy, it took so long. There's a reason for it kay =D

My girls LerkChieh , Nicole and I went out on that day, since it's a public holiday.
And also of course to celebrate my birthday.
They never said that it was to celebrate my birthday, but that's how I like to think it. =D

We woke up quite early on a public holiday. I mean it's a holiday!
Holiday means no school, a relax day.
But thanks to Nicole's suggestion on wanting to get breakfast in the morning, we had to wake up early. =/
Nicole was driving us that day, when she was driving, of course the complain queen will start to complain.
Why we have to wake up so early. LOL!!
She was the one who suggested the breakfast anyway. So I just let her complain on her own. =D

We went over to Daddy's Farm Breakfast and Lunch Cuisines.
Because the breakfast is really cheap, according to Nicole.
And yes it was cheap =)

LC ordered a Egg Gratinated for RM5.30
It's really cheap compare to those cafe which sells for RM 10+ on average.

Nicole was the one who recommended us to come here said that how cheap this place was and their Egg Benedict is really good for RM5.30
I heard from Nicole and said that the owner work in a hotel restaurant before opening this store.
So I do believe that he have the skills to make the food delicious.

Well for me, I don't feel like eating any eggs, I ordered ham and cheese sandwich instead. RM4.50
It's quite good for the price we pay.
I was shock that there chips there. Haha

Here's the menu for you guys to check it out. =D

After that, we rushed over to Gurney Paragon to watch a Taiwan movie: 等一个人的咖啡
It's really a Taiwan movie lo I have to say, with all the lame jokes and really obvious CG.
This movie is very popular because of the book that was written by the same writer for 那些年,我们一起追的女孩.
So, yea, it's a movie that everyone wants to go watch it once. =)
For my review, I would say the movie is quite okay.
Yes, just okay. =)

After our movie, we walked around Gurney.
I saw my long time no see friend, and we just chatted away for almost an hour. =)
Yes, I've neglected my girls.
But hey, they can find entertainment themselves ;) I'm not worried.
And they did.
When they told me that they were in Starbucks, there was this huge present wrapped and it was inside a paper bag on the table.
Whao! Surprised much!!
I was totally surprised, I thought that my present will be something small, not something thiiiisssss huge!!
They told me that while I was chatting with my friend, they went to buy it. [ Efficient much -.- ] Lol
And they even wrapped it themselves =O Hahahah Thanks for the hard work ;)
And because of this huge present, I have to carry around it with me through Gurney and Gurney Paragon. Embarrassing~

Then we went to K-POT for lunch/dinner.
It's consider quite cheap compare to other Korean restaurants. =)
So you can go give it a try there.

We ordered kimchi soup with rice, if I'm not mistaken. =/

Free flow of side dishes.
Love the mini pancakes =D

Special Tteokbokki =)
I like it though!! ♥♥
But I kinda hope there's more cheese in it =P

And because we were still kinda hungry, so we ordered some barbecue pork. =D 
Yummss!! ♥♥
They give a large portion for us. 
So I'm satisfied. =)  

Yay!! The 3 of us that actually looks good when Nicole took the pic =D
[Sorryyy ;D xoxo ]

So, as I was saying above, this was the huge present they gave me.
My birthday couldn't be much more better =D

Thank you for the hard work of wrapping my present kay. 
Even though is the store's service but you guys have to do it yourself. Huggsss!! ♥♥ =D 

What I received is something that made me speechless. =D
But of course I still feel the love.
I have no idea how Nicole got this free sample of BB cushion from Laneige.
And yup that's my present. A free sample =D Laugh die me =D

Then from that huge present, I received a picture frame.
Love what they got me!! ♥♥
Never thought that you guys can be so thoughtful sometimes =D

And because of that frame, they gave me an empty frame.
My job is to print the pictures!!
Such good friends I have right?!
Mostly is that their friends will print pictures for them, but nope! My friends are so special that they wanted me to print the pics on my own.
And I did, and that's why I took such a long time to write this post! It's already a month!
That's the end results. I love it damn much! =D

Thank you for such a great day!
Thank you for the great presents!
Thank you for giving me a task to print the pics -.-
Thank you!!
Hearts ♥♥

Love Me!! XOXO ♥♥♥♥

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