7/3/14 A Day to have Fun!! =)

4:06 PM

Hey Hey everyone out there, who cares to press into my blog and read it or I should say scroll!! =)) 

Anyway now I'm in school, using the library's computer to type, drinking a cup of Starbucks [Thanks to my bro] , waiting for my friend whose studying [ I studied just now, now I'm resting =) ], listening to songs through Youtube =))))
Surprisingly, the WiFi in school is quite fast at this hour.
Okay I was bored, sorry that I typed lame stuff in the beginning! Lol!!

So on 7/3/14
I went out with LC  =))
She wanted to go singing for a long time already.
So I accompanied her!! =D
We went to All Seasons at WOW Karaoke.
I'm not saying anything about their service or price.
But the price increases compared to last year. *sad face*

After my class, I drove to LC's school at USM and fetched her to All Seasons in Farlim.
We were thinking what we should eat for lunch.
I said I wanted to try this restaurant called Stone Age Cafe which just opened for a few months only.

The deco in the restaurant. Looks like a cave to me. =)


LC!!! =DD

We ordered their specialty which is The Stone Age's Chicken.
After we ordered, not less than 5 minutes, the food is here.
We were so shocked that it was that fast, then a closer look, it's still raw.
Haha!! So it was suppose to serve to us raw chicken on a heated rock.
The waiter helped us cut the chicken into pieces. =))

Cut cut cut =))

Raw chicken cooking on a rock. =DD
This is so new, that me and my friend was stunned!!

See the smoke coming out from the chicken!!
Oh yes!! It's cooking! =DD
Okay, or I should say it's grilling. =))

When one side is cooked, we had to flip it to another side to let it grilled.
The oil was spilling everywhere.
And it sometimes spilled on our hands, which hurts a bit.
So do be careful =)

Cooked chicken!
Finally in ma tummy!! =DD

The fries is fine, but the mash potato tasted weird a bit.
I don't know why it just does!

After our lunch, we went into WOW.
We were the only ones there. Since it was a weekday.
We went in excitingly!! =D
LC chose the songs first, since she's really into Kpop and now she's fangirl-ing over EXO, the first few songs was EXO's songs.
I do hear their songs, but I don't know how to sing it. =D
Just know the chorus or I should say those few English word . =))

We have to spend RM15 per person on food in there.
One drink cause about RM5, which was expensive.
But then it's easier for us to order too, 3 drinks per person.
So yup! So many drinks that made us visit the toilet so many times. *Annoyed!!*

After 3 hours of fun, it's time to go back. =)

Damn! My chubby face!! =( I think I was bloated that day!! Haha!! =/
Me and LC!!  ♥♥

Even though, we only spent the afternoon together, but we had did what we really wanted to do.
Satisfied? I am. =)
Hope you guys weren't reading this post when you were hungry.
Sorry that I had so many pics for only one meal!! =D
I can't stop taking pics of it *shrugs* =P

Love Me!!XOXO ♥♥

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