Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Base Makeup Box Review│Althea Box

Hey girls! 

Finally another post right? 
It's been a while. 
This post took me quite longer than I thought to try out every product.
And also with CNY and doing my internship this month. The whole month has been busy.  
But I did it! (With some help of my friends too) 

So, I received a 'Base Makeup Box' from Althea to try out and do a review on it. 

What's an Althea Box? 
They're curated specially by the Althea Korean Team back in Seoul. Each month, Althea will release 3 beauty boxes for fans to try. They're limited edition and limited in stock, which makes them a "SOLD OUT" Item on Althea. The prices are a steal as all items found in the beauty boxes are FULL SIZE items.
Unlike the conventional beauty boxes where you have to subscribe (and pay). Althea Boxes comes with no subscription fees and no surprises (heart attacks). Buy if you like what you see! Wait for the delivery 10 - 15 working days and unbox it! 

In this box, there's 8 products in total. 
I felt really blessed and grateful that I was chosen to be one of the bloggers to review this product. 
1. Witch's Pouch: Stripe Pouch 
2. Mamonde: Flower Essential Mask - Rose Moisturising
3. Secretkey: Natural Daily Pure Sunstick 
4. Milkydress: Tril Beige Silky Velvet Primer 
5. Aritaum: Real Ampoule Color Corrector - Purple Beige, Peach Beige, Mint Beige
6. Witch's Pouch: Triple Cover Glow Foundation - #23 Triple Natural 
7. A Concept: Concealer
8. A Concept: All-in-one Brightening A: Cushion -#23 Natural Beige

These 8 products are your essential for your base makeup.

Witch's Pouch: Stripe Pouch
This pouch is able to keep all these items inside and still have a bit of space left. 
Perfect for travelling and you don't have to worry that you can't fit in all your makeup products. 
Althea is well-known for its pretty well designed box with the products inside. 
The design also changes with the holidays/ seasons. 
The box that I received is their new Christmas design. 
In light blue with snowflakes and snow all around the box. 
Simple and very pretty. 

Mamonde: Flower Essential Mask - Rose Moisturising
The Rose Mask is very very moisturising.
After I used the product, my skin feels so soft and I just couldn't stop touching it. (which is a bad thing).
But, it feels so soft and moisturise.
I would definitely recommend it.
I really need to be more hard working to put on masks and take good care of my skin.
This is also me wearing the products on my face, look at that result.
Secretkey: Natural Daily Pure Sunstick 
It's my first time seeing a stick sunblock.
When I opened it I was 'How do I use this?'
It have a scent to it, I don't personally like it that much. Smells like medicine in a way.
Contains SPA 50+, PA+++
Apply it evenly after your moisturiser and before any makeup products.
Apply it on places with high exposure with UV rays such as your face.
The product is like a thick balm and is sticky, though it stayed all day long.
I went for a swim, and I can still feel the product on my skin. And gave me a sense of relive.
Though it is a small product, I would use it for travelling more than an everyday use product.
I personally would not reach it when I do my everyday makeup.
Milkydress: Tril Beige Silky Velvet Primer 
This primer is just like what it says on the tube. 
It's like a tinted moisturiser. But it will fill up your pores and keep your skin clean, clear and oil-free all day. 
With my oily skin, it does control my pores before my face gets oily again. 
Use it as a base before putting any foundation or BB creams. 
Aritaum: Real Ampoule Color Corrector - Purple Beige, Peach Beige, Mint Beige
Colour correcting became a  trend not only in the western beauty culture but also in the eastern side.
This is my first ever colour correcting concealer.
It is to conceals and corrects redness and dark circles.
Use it before your BB cream, after your primer.
The product have the ability to neutralise the discolouration of appearance using complementary colours.
Mint Beige: to neutralise the redness on your skin.
Peach Beige: Brightens the dark circle areas.
Purple Beige: Cover your dull and yellow skin tone.

It is the first ampoule that have 40% of moisture.
**For the first time using, press on the top longer or 30 times for the product to come out.
The colour itself is very opaque, and have to blend it out, but the outcome will shock you.
And you will love it, just like I do.
Witch's Pouch: Triple Cover Glow Foundation - #23 Triple Natural 
Foundation is not really on my street, but I always wanted one because of its high coverage. 
And I can wear it for events or dinners. 
With this foundation, I do say that it doesn't dry out my skin. 
My skin looks brighter and with its high coverage my skin looks so smooth.
It contains moisture coating Vitamin B from royal jelly strengthen the immunity of your skin. 
**Palmed the bottom of the product to make the pumping easier.  
A Concept: Concealer
The concealer is not such a great product.
I put it on after I apply my BB cream and blend it out.
With my oily skin the product disappeared in just one hour.
The product is creamy, and I was so excited to use it.
But it doesn't go well with my skin type.
It might be good with other types of skin.
The product will not only conceals but also brightens up the area.
So places like the T-zone, pimples, dark spots and wrinkle areas are the optimal areas.
It's a small product also perfect for travelling.
A Concept: All-in-one Brightening A: Cushion -#23 Natural Beige 
The case itself is not really as high quality compare to Laneige. 
It's not as smooth to open it. 
The puff itself is also harder than the Laneige's puff. I prefer the A Concept's puff, as I can have more control over it. 
The product itself is a light BB cream. Light coverage but build-able. 
It have a light scent, but you will get use to it quite fast. 
I had my friend to try with her dry skin. It stayed on for a whole day. 
While I have oily skin, it stayed on for a good half day before I have to reapply again. 
The cushion pact have triple functionality of whitening, wrinkle care and sun protection with SPF 35, PA+++. 
With the content of Aloe Barbedensis Leaf Extract will bring your skin a tone lighter finish. 
It have a matte finish which is a plus! Best part is that is not sticky at all after applying. 
I would recommend to use it as an everyday product. 
Due to its overwhelming responds, this box is now sold out in Althea. 
But be on a look out for other boxes with many different kinds of products. 
Check it out here. 
Hope that you guys like this post.
I will try to update as much as possible (though I say it in every post)
In 2 more weeks my internship is done, so by then I'll be more free.
Till then.

Love Me!! XOXO ♥♥

Friday, December 23, 2016

WhitSundays @ Queensland

Hi Guys!!!

Here I am presenting to you all!

My first ever video! Yay!!

I compiled all the videos that I can find in my phone and my memory card.

So I have some disclaimer to make.
I did not plan to make a video, so that's why I didn't have the correct equipment with me, to make the best quality video of all.
So I apologise for that.

The pictures are usually taken from my mirrorless camera, which have better quality.
Then the videos are usually from a GoPro that I borrowed from my friend. The quality is not that great, so don't expect much.
Also, vertical videos are from my Snapchat, so I hope you understand, that snapchat videos are usually in vertical.

But I tried to make it to have content and is entertaining for you to watch. I hope that you all love this video, as I did my hardest to make it as great as possible!

If you guys like this video, tell me! I'll try to make more of em' in the future!

Love Me!! XOXO ♥♥

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Port Stephens│Three Monkeys Cafe│The Depot on Darby @ Newcastle

Hey ya peeps! 
This is a real throwback post, all the way to July! Loll! (28.07.2016) 
At first I would like to re-edit some of the pictures, and the lazy bugs came, and I was lazy to do it. 
So then, credit to Tim for all the pictures! =D
Only a few of these are mine. 

Anyway, during my winter break, as I have nothing else to do. 
My friends decided to have a road trip down to Port Stephens. 
As me, the international kid, never been anywhere before. 
They always give me this pity look of, 'how come this kid never travel and look around Sydney?' 
And so they decided to bring me around! 
Great friends, I have. 
So, Port Stephens, nothing much. 

Only the sand dunes. 
As in there's tons of sand. 
The place is quiet and not much people around, which is awesome. 
Get to stay away from the crowded city once in a while. 
This is why I love Australia, the blue sky, blue sea and wanderlust nature!
If you guys saw my snapchat before, it was because that I have to walk down these mountains of sand.
And both my sneakers are filled with sand.
Much of sand! Hahaha
Look at that sand! Practically like the dessert. Just not the hot temperature, which is great. =)

Thanks guys! =D
We should have more road trip together!
Then we drove down to Newcastle to have lunch there.
With our spontaneous decision, and look up through Google, we went over to Three Monkeys Cafe.
I ordered their muesli with fruits. Yums!
The boys orders burgers, which looks amazing!
Then we walked past this cafe, and I saw they serve freak-shakes! Like literally awesome humongous freak-shakes!  
I ordered their Strawberry Shortcake. Which is in PINK!!
Man, I'm love it! Well duh~ this is my first freak-shake. And I've been wanting to try them since I know about them. 
Get ready for the diabetes! 
Sugar rush!! 
That's our day trip from Sydney to Newcastle for the day.
And I hope you had fun reading them.
Till next time!

Love Me! XOXO ♥♥

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

The Local Mbassy @ Sydney


And I apologise for the much delay. 
After my last post which is up last month, I was basically busy with me being at home. 
Me fixing every Malaysian food craving in a week. 
And now here I am in KL, trying out an internship program.
My life is just always on-the-go! 
I need to rest up seriously! 

Anyway, back to what I have to promise and write for you guys. 
Here's what I ordered in The Local Mbassy on my birthday
I've always wanted to go there, because it's soooo Instagram worthy! Obviously. 
And my friends were willing to bring me there, so why not! 
Since, I'm not that hungry, I shared with my friend a Red Velvet Waffle.
The presentation looks so pretty!!!
The Local Mbassy is well known for its red velvet pancakes, lattes and waffles.
Basically it is to do with red velvet.
But I do have to say, it doesn't really taste any different from any normal waffle.
I don't drink any coffees (if any of you don't know), so from my friend's perspective, the latte is actually very sweet, and doesn't taste like coffee at all.
So, for overall taste, it's just so-so.
For presentation, it definitely is Instagram worthy!
I would love to go back and try their mains instead.
But do remember that Local Mbassy is much more on the pricy side.
So, for this short post. 
I'll try to update as much as possible before the year end. 
I still have my WhitSundays trip waiting for me to share it for you all! 
Hang on for that! 

Until then. 
Thank you for just chillin' and waiting for any new posts. 
It is much appreciated. 

Love Me!! XOXO ♥♥♥♥

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Brewtown Newtown @ Sydney

Hey guys!

After so long!
My semesters is done! My first year is officially finished!
Time sure flies, I just could believe it.
Due to uni, I couldn't really update my blog.
There's so many things that I want to share with you guys, and now I finally can! Yay!!

So here it is.
Brewtown Newtown is a cafe that serve mainly for breakfast and brunch.
It's only my first year here in Sydney, and my friends were like you have to go there and try once.
And I did, 3 times! With different people hahaha.
So here is my compilation of pictures and my experiences for all 3 times that I visited there.

Brewtown Newtown is a busy cafe, everytime when I'm there is always full of people.
And they are well known for their cruffin!
They always have a special flavour for their cruffin once in a while.
Tip: If there are no cruffin left on the counter, ask the staff, they might just bring out more from upstairs, so don't jump to conclusion that they sold out their cruffin.

The first picture of the cruffin is the strawberry cheesecake in the front and nutella at the back.
I prefer the nutella filling. =) Just cause is chocolate haha!
Strawberry is good too! But is really up to personal preferences.
The second time I went there with another friend, we ordered nutella again (left) and lemon meringue (right)
I really like the lemon meringue too!
But is too much for one person, I do recommend to share with friends.
If I remembered correctly, I ordered this from the breakfast menu, which I don't even remmeber what it is called. I tried finding through the menu online, but I think Brewtown Newtown changed the menu. So, it is not the updated menu online.
But I can say that this is also quite good.
Well it's basically poached egg and salmon in a bun.
And is worth the different angles =) enjoy the food spam!

26 July 2016.
After my first Brewtown Newtown experience, my friend and I walked to Broadway, which is like a 15-20 minute casual walk.
We walk through Sydney University.
Being me, of course, who haven't step in such a cool, old, awesome uni have to take some pics.
And taddahhhhh! Hahahaha
Pink Sweater: Uniqlo
Jean Jacket: Pull and Bear
Jeans: Uniqlo
Shoes: Addidas
Bag: Pierre Cardin
I'm glad to be back here.
Can't wait to show you all other more cool stuff!

Love Me!! XOXO 

Monday, September 26, 2016

How to Make Your Date EXTRA SPECIAL!

Hi Peeps!

It's been a while!
And I have tons of things to share with you all!
Plus this is an exciting post for me to write and I also hope that it will be fun for you all to read and be inspired for your love ones!
*Love is in the air!!!*

Thinking of a date for your love ones might be challenging, as sometimes you want something special to celebrate an anniversary.
Here are some tips, or maybe my advice (from a girl's perspective) to make your special date, EXTRA SPECIAL!

1. Star Gazing!
After I realised how awesome, breathtaking and mind-blown when I look up and stare at the stars.
I finally understand what people mean by 'I can just stare at the sky for hours!'
I can do that too!
It will be so relaxing and you will be amaze by what God created!
Thus, find a spot that is dark and quiet, out from the busy cities.
In a peaceful and quiet environment with just the two of you, while staring at the stars.
That would make a date extra special with the view~
I personally would love to have an alone time with my date, and it will feel extra special, trust me!
And here might be the problem, if your boyfriend do not have a car.
Your problem is solved!
Turo, a car sharing company is on the way for to help your date night extra special! And it is way better than just renting a car!

2. Go on a Road Trip!
Who says that a date have to be just one night!
Rent an Open-roof car, a Jeep, a Minivan or a SUV and drive around to explore more than just your town for the weekend.
In my opinion, this is the best way to communicate with one another and have tons of fun while making great memories and spending it cheaply. =)
Is a win-win situation!

3. Surprise Your Love Ones ♥♥
Thinking and making a surprise event for your other partner is not as easy.
Especially if you are planning to go to a fancy restaurant for your date night!
Rent a fancy car for a night, so that your date will have the best experience ever on that night!
Giving flowers or maybe sing a [handwritten] song will always make your other fell all over you again. 
A handwritten letter is my advice!
I love to receive something that is genuine from your heart and I know that you made an effort to do it.
Those little things are the one that highlights the whole date night!

4. Remember the little things!
Always try to do little things for your date.
This is especially hard for new couples, but I'm sure your date would love it!
Hold their hand, or give them a surprise back hug *so sweet!!!*
Remember the little details that your date tell you.
I'm sure that you will win her over in no time, when you show such a good listener you are!

5. Spending time together.
Your date is EXTRA Special enough!
No matter where you date and what you do.
As long as you both are together at somewhere, doing something.
Your date is extra special, as there will be no 'same' relationship in this world.
Therefore, you don't have to worry what you have to do on the next date.
Just take it slowly and never rush in a relationship!
That's my advice!

Hope you guys like this post!
And also check Turo out, so that they can be your lifesaver when you need a ride for your date night!
Comment down below and tell me what I miss.
See you guys soon on my next post! =)

Love Me!! XOXO ♥♥

Sunday, September 4, 2016

Being 21 in Sydney!

Hey Guys!! 

Before I update on posts that I should have posted ages ago, I have to do this as tradition, about my birthday celebration.
This will not be my average boring annual birthday post. 
Instead I'll discuss more on what I think and what went through when celebrating my birthday in another country. 

Turning 21, is a huge thing for every teenager, as it is the same for me. 
But once uni was planned and I had to leave my friends and family in Malaysia. 
Turning 21 wasn't the first thing that I was worrying about. 
But as all my friends having big, huge birthday bash that I wish that I could attend and celebrate for them, but I wasn't there. 
Wearing all those fancy dresses that you will only wear once, had make up and hair done professionally with photographer. A huge deal!!  
But I never get to do it and I will never get to experience it ever, cause I'm not back home. 
I envy you all, to be honest.

When my birthday approached, I had thoughts about what I should do.  
Me having the experience not being able to celebrate with my family and best friends.
Me having the experience of what I should do on my birthday.
Me having the experience of who should I celebrate my birthday with. 
Me having the experience of whether my friends really want to make the effort to celebrate with me turning 21?!
Or me having the experience of thought of me celebrating my birthday alone in this foreign land. 
Me having the experience of actually feeling grateful. 
Me having the best experience that no one else had.
All the small little matters that everyone will take granted for. 

But I know that this is God's plan for giving me the chance to celebrate me turning 21 in another country. 
This is God's plan for me to meet my new friends from Credo. 
This is also God's plan for me having some really good friends from having the same faith as I do. 
I feel blessed whenever I'm with them. 
I feel happy that I know them. 
I feel lucky that I have them that I can call them friends who I can trust. 
In whatever they do, I get inspired and learn new things from each one of them.

Never once in my mind that my friends that I just met in between the period of 6 months would do anything for me on my birthday. 
(Well is too short of a time to build a good and stable relationship, in my case)
Never once that had cross my mind that these people, these crazy but caring and loving human beings would even take the effort and time to make me happy. 
But, these crazy loving and caring people who I met from 5 weeks ago, 3 months ago and 6 months ago surprised me (almost into tears). 

It was suppose to be a small group lunch on my birthday, as my friends wanted to celebrate with me. 
Since I had nothing planned, I might as well just agree and go for lunch with them. 
It was suppose to be just us 3 people for lunch. 
And I was already late for time that we agreed to meet at, and I hate being late.
But in the end, Anto told me that the place is packed and needed to wait. 
The waitress will give them a call when there's a place, so I don't have to stay there and be bored. 
Since things came out like that, I might as well agree. 
Then Jane, Anto and I was sitting in building 11 in uni and wait for the person to text/call him that the next table is ours. 

Finally is our turn, I wanted to go to this place for such a long time. (After my friend posted in Insta) 
~The Local Mbassy~ 
It's a small, tiny corner cafe. 
And so when we got in, mentally prepared to sit in a small table for 3 in the corner of the cafe. 
Instead I was facing with 4 other familiar faces, sitting at that huge table at the corner of the cafe. 
My face was priceless (I know, good thing there's no camera there). 
I almost teared up while hugging my good Brazilian friend, Bia while saying 'hi' to others. 
Still in shocked I sat down at the table. 
Feeling bad that they had to wait so long just to have food. (well don't like to burden people) 
Couldn't even decide what to order, cause I was still in shock. 
In my mind was, I couldn't believe these people would want to give up their time just for me. 
But also, I did tell myself to prepare for something. 
As I know that Anto will have something up. =D 

Thank you all so much for the surprise, even though I never get to be in a fancy dress, in a well decorated party to celebrate me turning 21, but this kind of celebration is the one that is perfect for me! 

The Local Mbassy, I will talk about it in the next blog post. (Or else, this post would be too long). 

We went karaoke in Strathfield, as we had nothing to do anyways. 
After 2 hours of fun. 
This is the one we had been waiting for months! 
Anto, Tim, me and Clara bought tickets to Pentatonix Concert at Enmore Theatre in Newtown! 

Fun fact: When I bought the ticket, the person that I know was only Anto hahaha 
And now is totally different! 
Being able to go to my first ever concert with these crazy people.
It was a great experience!
As for Pentatonix, they are adorable and cool at the same time.
They are really talented performers and I really do look up to them.
We were at the dance floor, and Whao I thought I would be deaf by the girl beside me shouting at the top of her lungs.
But being at the dance floor was another fun experience that I thought I would never get to try out.
Like I said, I was lucky and blessed.
Pentatonix was amazing! 
Credit: @ptxofficial 
I'm somewhere in that crowd at the bottom floor/ dance floor =)   
And I also am grateful that I have my relatives here who are willing to take care of me too.
Went to Bitton for dinner the day before my birthday, and dinner was amazing!
My cousins are the best!
Right now is the end of what happened on my birthday.
No more, free Boost drinks, or free presents from Sephora and Khiels
But I did receive some great company, food and fun on my birthday.

Top: F Block
Jean Jacket: Pull and Bear
Skirt: Cotton On
Shoes: Toms
Bag: Pierre Cardin

If you ask me to describe the day in one word, I would say 'bless'.
I do feel that way, and this day will forever be kept in my mind reminding me how great God is.
He, who guide me all the way here and the future.

Sorry for the lengthy post, but I just have to get it out there.
I would be very glad if you are the one who read through the whole thing. =)

Love Me!! XOXO ♥♥♥♥