Calabur Cafe & Diner, Bondi Junction @ Sydney


Hey peeps! 

Back with a short post! 
I wanted to update my 'dead blog' before I can relax and do my assignment, or else this post will forever be at the back of my mind annoying me. 

So, I went to Calabur Cafe & Diner at Bondi Junction with my relatives. 
Well I never knew this store existed until I was there. #newbieinsydney

Hidden in a small spot in one of the busy streets in Bondi, Calabur serves a mixture of Asian cuisines. 
This cafe is clearly one of those perfect small and cozy cafes ever! The best kind of place to hang out with your friends and family!
I did mention some cafes back home are cozy, but I was wrong. 
This cafe, is small but yet is amazing! 
Sadly, you can't make any reservation in advance for breakfast and lunch. 
You can only make reservations for dinner. 
The great thing about this cafe is that they serve all day breakfast! (which is actually quite normal over here)
Apparently everyone loves breakfast!
 I ordered one of their famous dishes, called the Mama's Egg Pudding - $16.
Which is steam egg with bacon bits and Chinese sausages, toasts and salad.
Doesn't sound much, but it did it's job in filling me up!
And I love it, is just so good. The egg is light and fluffy and it matches well with the toast and the sausages.
A great choice for a light meal.
In addition, I ordered their detox juice! It's pretty in pink!
And here goes to another short post!
Hugs and Hearts for all of you, my readers! =)
I only have two more weeks of uni left with just 2 and a half assignments to go.
Can't wait for my winter break to start! To let my adventure begin!
Talk to you guys soon!

Love Me!! XOXO ♥♥♥♥

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