Macallum Connoisseurs Coffee Co.│2pm Kelawai

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Hey Hey Guys!! 
I'm going gonna talk with you all about food! 
Yes! Another foodie post that you and I love =) 

On the 1st of August 2015
I went to Macallum Connoisseurs Coffee Co. again but with my girls Lc and Nicole
I went to this cafe before, and had breakfast there.
So, now I'm gonna try their lunch! Or my brunch! =D 

I ordered a cup of hot chocolate! 
Cause I need a cup of chocolate every morning to start my day! =) 
But I still have to say Milo is the best! =D 
Our brunch is served!
I ordered salad bagel, which is huge for me! I couldn't even finish it!
Lc ordered a bacon bagel, while Nicole ordered a egg and cheese something.
Ya, they mix egg and cheese and you eat it with bread. =/
It's something new and surprisingly quite yummy too =)
This is my salad bagel that comes with scrambled eggs.
I think there's more that one egg is that pile of eggs!
It looks like a mountain of eggs!! ><
I couldn't finish it anyway.
Then we went to Paragon for some window shopping for a while to rest our stomach.
Nicole has been talking that she wanted to go for this place for high tea!
2pm Kelawai which is located in G hotel. =)
Is not a cheap place to go.
And why we decided to go with her is because that there's this high tea set in only RM35!
Love the interior, very classy look.
There's a lot of people on that day, so I didn't take much pics of the interior. =/
Us girls while waiting for our tea =)
 And of course, how can a girl not take a selfie in such a cool classy place =)
Tea is here!
I'm right there on that tea pot! =D
So, here's our high tea!
It comes with cakes, pastries and sandwiches (from top to bottom) and with 2 cups of teas. =)
This is all for only RM35! 
I rotated the plates to this cute little pink cake!
It just makes the whole look looks cute and yummy! =D
Then the pastries are normal.
Not much comment on it =/
I can even do these sandwiches.
So let's not judge =)
Then it's picture time =D
Like literally =D
The suitcases are just too cute not to take pics with, and so I did =)
Then we head outside of 2pm Kelawai.
Where there's a bar and some cool wallpaper to take pics with (I guess)
Let's pose!! =D
Selfie under the hot hot sun ><
Top: Dotti
Shorts: Uniqlo
Bag: H&M
Shoes: Aldo
 My fashion is always clean, simple and comfortable =)
 And of course, us 3 some how we wore jeans shorts on that day! Haha
Aren't we adorable =D
This is one of my favourite pic that we took together! ♥♥
 And here's another one that we love so much too!! ♥♥
And so that's it on our small little foodie trip around Penang. =) 
Glad you had fun together with me! 
And I'll talk to you guys next week! =D 

Love Me!! XOXO ♥♥♥♥

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