Mini Surprise Lunch @ Lunarich 27/8/14

8:47 PM

Hi hi *waves*
I'm going to be writing about my small little lunch date with my good buddies Caiying and YiKai. =)

I thought it was just a small normal lunch date together, cause we haven't met after their studies and I was super duper happy that I can meet them.
And it's also a good way to spend my 4 hour break in between my classes.
YiKai being a gentleman he is [LOL] , drove me and Caiying over for lunch.

I'm not that good at making decisions on where to eat, well is because I'm not that picky at what to eat, so I rather let them choose where to go and eat instead.
I kept on asking where are we going to eat. But none of them answered me. =(
When I saw them drove over to The Cruises Steak House at Ideal.
I asked, is there where we are eating.
Then Caiying ask me : or you want Lunarich?
I said : Here nice mie? (Is this restaurant even nice?) Not answering her question.
[Even though I don't mind that we eat there, in my mind is, so this is where they want to eat, so I really don't care where we were going to eat.]
But right after I said that, she told Yikai to bring us to Lunarich instead. =0

Then I felt something suspicious. But it was still a few days before my birthday, so I really didn't think that it will be anything for me.
But right after we parked and got out of the car, being the observant one I am, I saw Caiying took a box of cake out together.

Caiying saw that I was looking at her holding the cake, then she knew she doesn't have to keep it anymore.
Surprise failed!!!! =D ♥♥
So they wished me a Happy Early Birthday!! =) ♥♥

Went to the restaurant with a even happier heart. =)
And we ate lunch, chatted a hell long time.
But hey that's what we all do, when we meet up after seeing each other, after such a long time.

They bought two slices of cakes. Which I'm grateful. ♥♥
If they bought a whole cake, I don't think we can finish it after our lunch.

Left : Black Forest.
Right : Blueberry Cheesecake

As they were trying to take out the plastic around the cake.
Blueberry Cheesecake failed. Lol!!!
So only Black Forest survived!! =)
In the end this became in the pic and not the other one.

Thank you both so so so much ♥♥♥♥

I really am grateful that we met and love you tons!!! ♥♥
8 years of friendship and counting =)

My friendship with this dude is even longer, but we recently just got closer.
Which I'm also very grateful.
We were in the same kindergarten by the way. =)

All 3 of us. =)

If you guys were wondering what I ate.
We had their set lunch. So is way more cheaper.
I ordered carbonara spaghetti set lunch, which comes with a drink, salad and ice cream as dessert. =)
For about RM23. Around that price. =)

Thanks for the failed small birthday celebration. =)
Love ♥♥

Hope we can see each other soon again!!

Love Me!! XOXO ♥♥♥

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